Dave Vescio

You’ve been charged with amassing imagery, artworks which articulate the theme of freedom, through forms and via panoramas of cities and countrysides.  Then perhaps it’s about time you journey over to one of the most charged and impactful arenas along your nation’s western seaboard, to check back in on your old haunt of young adulthood the City of Angeles, specifically Tinseltown where a highly skilled, gripping showman is hard at work with a macro lens taking the strangest, downright transfixing images of sundry objects, quite often revealing the phenomenon of pareidolia in which persons perceive an object, pattern, most frequently a face in the random chaos of natural disorder.  You first crossed paths with familiar Hollywood villain and indie cinema sensation Dave Vescio a decade back at a film festival in Los Angeles, recently reconnected with him while appearing as co-contributors in a stellar edition of Starship Sloane Publishing’s “Starlight Review” in which he provided the cover artwork from a veritable arsenal of similarly splendid work in his growing oeuvre.  

You began this search for material also seeking to capture and exhibit a certain look and feel, an aesthetic typified and embodied in many Eastern applications throughout art and literature under the ideals of ‘wabi’ and ‘sabi’, and this artist’s focus upon death and decay wonderfully articulates and expresses that ambition.  It’s very fortunate Dave permits you to showcase his popular, internationally award-winning work here.  You will not forget to direct readers to enjoy more at his website and urge them to seriously consider the possibility of ordering their posters or finite print editions, for which Vescio has conceived an ingenious model of releasing through limited batches to preserve scarcity and increase the value of them as collector’s items, a practice other photographers (like yourself!) considering methodology for selling fine art images in the competitive marketplace, making arguments for rareness in our age of easy instant reproduction, must esteem and can learn a thing or three from.  Dave Vescio’s legend and story is a truly inspiring one worth reviewing the details of at length, something which can be accomplished with great ease at his professional, enlightening web page and shop!

BIO: David Vescio is an American actor and former soldier and photojournalist best known for his villainous roles in film and television. Such as his role in the films Hick, Lost Soul, House of Flesh Mannequins, Air Collision, Gemini Rising and Virus X.  On his 50th birthday, he picked up a camera to invent a new style of abstract/fine-art photography that deals with that fine line between the life & death of objects, then death & decay, and now, a rebirth (aka spirits or other worldly beings like the supernatural). He specializes in up-close and personal, macro photography of urban decay. He has even won eleven international fine-art photography awards for these artworks. Vescio’s mission with abstract/fine-art photography is to reveal to the world that even in death & decay, there is still beauty, as well as a new source of energy/life that wants to be born into this world, just in another way. Dave also gives his limited-edition abstract/fine-art photographs another kind of *rebirth*, by printing them on materials close to what they were originally born on. His macro/close-up photographs of metal decay are printed on archival metal; macro/close-up photographs of decaying plastic are printed on archival acrylic (which is a plastic); etc. It is Vescio’s way of making sure his abstract/fine-art photographs become more life-like than ever before; making them seem like the actual objects that he photographed in the first place. https://www.davevescio.com/

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