Poetry: Pramod Rastogi

Pramod Rastogi
Love's Tragedy

O love, my bud of the spring of youth,
Engraved with your name this cool breeze 
Has spread around the tales of your infidelity.
His tearful soul also floats on the breeze 
That begs you not to bury his love alive
As apathy chips away at his life without you.

The pain that burns his heart in flames
Was a gift that you gave him by your smile
That had beamed through your eyes
When he had asked you nothing more
Than your name, and that instant treasured
In his heart keeps giving fuel to the flame.

The wound still dripping tears of despair
Was from a knife that had pierced his heart.
This lesion, a reminder of your naïve smile,
Is a flower he had pinned to his heart.
Tears he had shed, the rivers overflowed, 
But you did not come, and he is gone forever.

Autumn Winds

Sleepless nights are drowsy in their wait
The bed is like an ocean in turmoil
I cannot lie on my throne of sleep,
Your beseeching eyes seek me  
Waiting for me to hold you in my arms  
But I am anchored to my lonely bed.

The sand beaches where we played
And had the freedom to scream
Made us life-long companions.
We vowed passion would never pale
And swore upon the mounting tides 
That our love would not disappear. 
The stretch of time on the beach
Is long between tides low and high. 
Castles built on this stretch are sure to melt. 
I get restless, as the vow is ready to float 
The autumn winds are lashing like a hail
And the tree of vows is losing its leaves.

Your Vows

My love, I plead you not to give me a vow
That you cannot keep, as life is long 
And has all the time in store to veer back 
And remind you of your unkept vows, 
Mountains of which lie heaped at my doorstep, 
Intoxicated as you are by my beauty.

Love is a tapestry that needs skills to design. 
You have the freedom to create one for me.
Weave it not with vows to make me dream,
But live the dreams that you want to keep aloft,
And in this glimmer might flicker your flame. 
So, love me as if there were no tomorrow.

Tomorrow will see the one who today survives.
Vows will keep the one who survives the winds.
The winds rage high, and intense is your flame 
Which swallows me in your fierce desire.
There is no escape, drown I will in your embrace.
The forge is hot. Incandescent are your vows.

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  1. The poet has beautifully captured his tender feelings toward his love in a mesmerizing way.


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