Skaja Evens

Your next prospective talent is not so immediate of vicinity, will require hopping a rusty train car down to Virginny to seek out one of the most intriguing photographers you have ever encountered. But the journey will be entirely worth the trouble when Skaja Evens magnanimously agrees to include two of her raw, gritty, exquisite images in your lineup! Skaja with her refined, fastidious shutter manages to capture a strikingly modern, righteously honest view of our fragmented Americana, the overarching character of decay and malaise, articulating the zeitgeist of contemporary existence, the human condition and spiritual struggle we each engage in every day, more expertly and coherently than perhaps any artisan you have thus far witnessed.

Her genius tableaus urban and rural both call to mind the grainy digital filmmaking of auteurs like David Lynch, European contemporaries in the French New Wave, German Expressionist, English Kitchen Sink Realism movements. More recently you have spied and recalled, perceived parallels in the grunge music videos of your youth, the more recent album covers of raconteurs such as Craig Finn, the hyperreal iconography of immersive performers in the vein of Ninja and Yolandi Visser. You hope readers enjoying these pieces will also navigate to Skaja’s audacious quarterly magazine It Takes All Kinds to survey more transcendent examples of her stirring photography.

BIO: Skaja Evens is an artist and writer living in Southeast Virginia.  She’s been published in The Rye Whiskey Review, Synchronized Chaos, The Dope Fiend Daily, Off the Coast, Medusa’s Kitchen, and Blue Pepper.  She can be found listening to music, considering the impossible, and enjoying her cats’ antics. 

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