Will Nevers

The second luminary for your showcase is also a patent shoe-in.  You encountered his work by chance one day, sharing a humble workplace in a space where his art was coincidentally sprinkled about on conspicuous, unmissable display, were bowled over and positively blown away by their majesty on enormous canvasses fit to go toe to toe with Chuck Close, demonstrating profound talent, dynamic range and diversity, enviable experience in eclectic milieus, astounding vision and creativity to execute the most nuanced, deft techniques and approaches to accomplish brash, exhilarating imagery which all but bores into the spectator’s consciousness and remain in their minds indefinitely in a special place of great appreciation.  Will Nevers is a fantastically capable artisan with his brush, who holds a command veritably astonishing in his ability to navigate the balance between form and abstraction.  

In his massive, consistently extraordinary body of work the viewer can discover examples of exceptionally concrete subjects rendered, as well as pieces entirely deconstructed and rousingly surreal.  For your presentation today he is generous enough to share with us two gorgeous hybrid varietals, which figure in somewhere between the realist and impressionism modes, and respectively depict the City of Light through his own distinct lenses, in most inventive and original fashions.  Will’s abstract, floral, and portrait series could make perfect design complements as any home’s centerpiece, enhance an office’s feng shui, lend credibility and flair to many businesses.  Interested parties can view a comprehensive portfolio of available works online, and for Minnesota residents who patronize the arts who are looking to expand their personal collections it is highly worth visiting his breathtaking studio in Bloomington to survey these remarkable opuses in person.

BIO: Will Nevers has been an artist in some capacity since he was a child. He has been drawing, painting, and creating sculpture and also woodcarving professionally for most of of his life. To him it’s all the same thing....emotional expression. He paints in oil and usually paints in series. The subject can be fashion, landscape, floral, photo real, nature, or the pandemic. Check him out at Will Nevers Fine Art or on Instagram and Griffin Gallery, Bloomington, MN.  https://www.willneversfineart.com/

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