Debora Ewing

While you’re in Virginia it’s only a hop skip and a jump journey, several miles of hitchhiking to the north up to pay a very necessary visit to the incomparable poet, sketcher, painter and mixed media wizard Debora Ewing, whose sophisticated, incredible drawings you would wrestle a bear for the opportunity to include in this exposition.  You are in luck too, for Deb is overjoyed at the prospect of sharing some of her pointed, groundbreaking projects with Setu’s readers, reports that she in fact has two positively perfect pieces to meet the demands of this especial theme… And what attractive, provocative, spellbinding tours de force they are indeed!

Encompassing the full gamut between minimalist black and white ink renderings and photorealistic, mind-boggling trans-dimensional luminance teaming with vivid coloration, these selections give a fine preview of the many sharp and varied tools in this artist’s box, which lately have also branched into three dimensions with an evolving painted guitar, prove no less poignant or meaningful when Ewing focuses her energies into lingual applications, as with some lyrics she has composed, or her acclaimed poetry collection Mycelium released last year.  But readers should really make a note, take the time to venture over to her website at to admire and applaud the art prints on display there and available to purchase at very reasonable prices.  One of the two works you shared here, “Faults Shifted” with the binary coded hands, is indeed obtainable too, could make a wonderful present for that artsy family member or friend, the avant-garde coder or engineer in your life!

BIO: Debora Ewing is a poet, artist, off-the-cuff author and editor.  Her poetry and artwork are published in online and print literary magazines around the globe: Plainsongs by Hastings College Press, Dodging the Rain, Beyond Words, Creative Nonfiction, and Shot Glass Journal, to name a few.  Her short fiction can be found at Jerry Jazz Musician.  deb peer-reviews for Consilience Poetry Journal and is blog editor for Igneus Press.

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