Poetry Collaborations: Kati Mohr, Sherry Grant, Luke Brannon, petro c. k. & Jerome Berglund

Kati Mohr

         & Jerome Berglund


Hunting Moon




whistle softly

between the rows

can’t take this


a motion


cat paws


raven wings


in the dark


troop of skittish kids

run for it

scattering starlings




Sherry Grant

         & Jerome Berglund




tea light outlasts taper

some lesson here

in the dark 


        only dancing 

        shadows left


mumbled platitudes 


with memorized rhymes


        skate ramp

        new faces



spitting out baby teeth

never too old for 



        and unboxing

        all those bruises



Luke Brannon

         & Jerome Berglund


Long Strange


Straight River


big leaf maples

all the cousins

squirreled away


before the Hope exit


stuff which builds up

on roof of microwave

hay fever


we continue past


her family albums

with the aunt

we never see







petro c. k.

     & Jerome Berglund


dry spell

now a curse

thoughts and prayers


     infernal alchemy 

     transforms water into gold


science is real

nuclear safe –

the Chernobility


     half life

     of a coal tit



endless drought


clatter to the ground


     funeral pyres

     their green alternatives


Kati Mohr (she | they), born 1976, is a disabled intuitive artist, known online as pi & anne, who lives in Germany with her family and two rabbits. She likes to jump into old ponds to pull up lost cargo, mostly in the form of poems (but not exclusively!). Her art aims to track down the filters that humans apply, because how we see things says more about us than about the things themselves. Her heart beats for minimalist art, coffee, cuddles and pancakes.  Kati can be found on Instagram @pi.and.anne.

Sherry Grant is a Taiwan-born NZ concert pianist, cellist, poet and translator. She is the author of ‘Bat Girl’ and the inventor of ‘nonaku’ poetry form. Sherry organised and performed 12 concerts in 2019, mostly with viola. Her youngest daughter, 7-year-old Zoe Grant, writes with her frequently. Sherry is the national/international outreach officer at NZPS since 2021. Apart from music, she also has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Raising a family in the Pacific Northwest, Luke keeps a hand writing in his spare time. Influenced by language poetry, his micropoetry focuses on capturing the moment and its interplay with the reader’s own experiences where meaning is then derived between the two. When not writing, Luke codes and illustrates line-art inspired by the American Southwest.

petro c. k. lives in the aggressive greenery of Seattle, but lets no moss grow on him. His creative life has included painting, graphic design, sound art, and DJ'ing, but only just this year dove headfirst into writing. His haiku and other short-form poems has already been widely published in dozens of eminent journals and he has completed his first collection of poetry.

Jerome Berglund graduated from USC’s film program and spent a picaresque decade in the entertainment industry before returning to the midwest where he has worked as everything from dishwasher to paralegal, night watchman to assembler of heart valves.  Jerome has many haiku, senryu and tanka exhibited and forthcoming online and in print, previously shared split sequences with Paul Brookes in Setu Bilingual Journal.  

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