The Old and the New

by Robert Maddox-Harle

These ten images of mine show the difference between “old school” film photography and my latest digital artwork creations. The photos were taken with Ilford black & white Pan 100 film, either 35mm or medium format cameras and processed in a traditional dark room and printed. The prints then scanned for the computer. Black & white images, and especially film images, have a unique appearance nothing like that which is created with digital works.

The digital artworks are a combination of many techniques; some with digital photos (Canon DSLR), then figures (sculpted by me) photographed and scanned, various computer programs are used to create backgrounds, such as that in Observing a Nuclear Winter. None of these digital images use the latest fad of Artificial Intelligence (AI) art generation. Most of my digital artworks, which exist as giclée prints (one off only) I do not do multiples, comment on a dystopian future and destruction of our natural world. Please do not copy or use these images as most are sold and the Copyright resides with me.

Lone Seat  -  North Haven (NSW)

Old Pressure Tank - Alstonville (NSW)

Iris – Nimbin (NSW)

The Graveyard Watch
This photo is a double exposure done on the camera

Lone Seagull - Shaw's Bay (NSW)

Observing a Nuclear Winter

Beach Party - 2048

The Last Tea Ceremony

After The Singularity

Still Searching for a Home

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