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Carolyn Slovitz
Sunflower The Wonder Dog

I remember long ago when I was a tiny pup, a mean, unkind person abandoned me. I was dumped, without a thought, into the back of a complete stranger’s red pickup truck in the parking lot of Food Mart Grocery.

The red pickup truck’s owner, a nice man, found me right away. He picked me up gently, held me close, and said, “Hello sweet puppy. Oh, you must be freezing, I can feel your body shaking. Call me Papa. I’ll take you home to my family. We’ll care for you.”

Papa carried me inside my new home in one hand. He called, “Mama, Brenda, Cash, David, I have a surprise. Come meet our adorable puppy.”

He set me down on the living room floor, and everyone sat in a big circle around me. Papa said, “Our little puppy is scared, Make sure you speak softly and touch lightly.”

After a while I walked around, and around the circle of people. As I walked near each person, I sniffed them over and over. It was important to remember how they smelled. 

Brenda said, “What’s his name Papa?”

Papa smiled, “Sweetie, our puppy is a ‘she’. She doesn’t have a name yet.

Cash said, “We could call her Remote Control.”

David belly-laughed, “What kind of name is that? How about Bruno?”

Mama said, “No, Bruno is a boy’s name. How about Sofia?”

Papa chuckled; “She doesn’t look much like a Sofia. I believe our little puppy will grow large. We need a mighty, grand, name good enough for a giant dog.”

Brenda giggled, “She’s yellow, pretty, and will grow big. How about Sunflower?”

Cash yelled out, “How about Sunflower The Wonderful Dog?”

David said, “Cash, don’t talk so loud, you’ll spook our puppy.”

Cash said, “Oops, sorry. I’m so happy I forgot.”

David said, “It’s ok. Hey, I like your idea. What do you think about Sunflower The Wonder Dog?”

Cash said, “It’s perfect.”

Brenda said, “Can Parker be her last name like ours?”

Mama smiled, “Oh yes. Sunflower The Wonder Dog Parker is fantastic. She’s yellow and pretty, she’s a dog, she has a last name the same as ours, and she’s WONDER-ful!”

Papa nodded, “Yep, that’s a terrific name for our puppy.”

So, on the first day in my new home I was given the grand name of “Sunflower The Wonder Dog Parker.’ And we lived happily ever after.  


Bio Note: Carolyn Slovitz

Carolyn Slovitz is a grandmother, a mother, a friend, a former teacher, and a writer. She successfully published two children’s books, ‘Miss Mean Minnie Greene,’ and Cocoa and Nestle, Double Trouble Dachshunds.’ Carolyn also serves as one of several administrators for a Facebook writing/study group, ‘The Aspiring Writers’ Society.’

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