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Kumud Bala
Illuminated White balls

When it was raining, my ball went out
 I came out of my house
 And was searching for my ball
 I saw small white balls near a wooden plank
 I touched them, The texture was soft
 I remembered -
My teacher had explained to me once
These are Mushrooms, edible with good tastes
Some are colourful and some are dangerous too
Some twinkle at night
They absorb the sun light And gloom at the night 
What a wonderful planet is our earth
Beautiful and colorful... !

Beautiful flowers

Red, yellow, orange and purple
Flowers have so many colours
They can sing and dance too? 
You heard it right?
Sir J C Bose has proved it - Yes
Flowers can show their anger, love, sorrow and joy
They can talk with their minerals
They stimulate their ions well
First they try to understand the situation
and then act
If the situation is negative,they resist
But if it is positive they talk to each other
and dance together.. 
How amazing are these beautiful flowers 

Do you know

Do you have a liking for non-veg or veg?
Hey – Smiling, Do you know?
Bacteria also possess the same characters
They also differentiate. What more?
Plants also have the same characters
And there are many plants Who are carnivorous
Like the Pitcher plants
It's petals open to attract small creatures 
Once they come in contact
These petals close automatically and digest them
This is very strong phenomena, but it is real
Thanks to Prof J C Bose, Who invented and explained this to us.

O ' God

O little star, How are you always twinkling 
When the dark night whispers, Moon starts glowing
White flowers start blooming when the wind touches slowly
And those fire flies-
Start singing new songs, so amazing
I am your little son but can't understand your magic
How a dark night turns into a day 
brimming with lights
The Sun starts walking like Santa Clause
Who brings presents in beautiful hours 
To give us good memories
I am also a little star and I sing 
But I can't twinkle like the stars
I pray to you God - Give me positive energy

Disclaimer - These poems are written by me in simple words for children to understand


Bio Note: Dr. Kumud Bala,

Poet Dr. Kumud Bala, a lecturer by profession has been penning poetry for about 4 decades now. Writing has been her passion since childhood and her forte lies in poetry, stories, essays, research papers and more. Her works have been published in several newspapers, magazines and journals. With over 5000 poems to her credit, she participates regularly in kavi Sammelans organized at the National and International level. With a D. Litt award from Nagpur Jyotiba Phule University & Research centre, an honorary Sahitya Vibhooshan award from Late President Shankar Dayal Sharma,She has received many national and international award.

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