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Heavenly Voice

Memory and Tsukiko Tamaki were two sisters who lived in Tokyo, one of the most visited places in Japan. The girls were high schoolers and attended Saitou academy. They had a big brother who was always there for them. His name was Shota, and he was quite popular in school. Although Memory and Tsukiko were twin sisters, they were very different from each other. Starting from their external features to their personalities, everything was different. Tsukiko was a very calm and introverted girl. She was often called a red tomato and a nerd because of her unique red hair and the huge glasses she wore but some people respected her as she had straight ‘As’ in exams due to her sharp mind. On the other hand, Memory was a very hyper active girl and was popular like her brother in school. She was a natural beauty and everyone liked her. People always requested for her friendship but she never accepted them as she thought that they only liked her because of her beauty. Memory often got ‘Bs’ or ‘Cs’ in exams as she was more into extra-curricular activities than study. But one thing they had in common was their aim to become “Idols’.


 Art by N. Laija Chanu

After finishing their studies, they thought of joining a band of girl singers but in order to join that, they had to give an audition. So, they registered their names for the audition and prepared a song which took them around one month.

Finally, the time came and they were going to sing in front of the whole band. But unfortunately, Tsukiko forgot her lines, right before giving their audition. She whispered in the ear of her twin sister that she forgot the lyrics as she was very nervous. They were about to lose all hope but suddenly, Memory thought of singing the song their mother sang to them when they were kids. She held her sister’s hand and said softly,

“Believe in yourself! We can do it!”

So, she started singing that song and Tsukiko joined her too. Although they did not remember the whole song, they believed in themselves and started to sing. As soon as they started singing, they started to remember the lyrics, line by line. So, that day the sisters performed fabulously. The whole band was surprised because they had heavenly voices. The dream of the girls to become ‘Idols’ came true as they got selected.

Moral of the story is that you should always believe in yourself even when you are facing hardships.


Bio Note: Laija Chanu

She is a thirteen years old girl from India. She is the eldest daughter of Misna Chanu and Anurag Sinha. She belongs to the Manipuri community of India. Painting and singing are her hobbies but sometimes she writes her thought and imagination as short stories too. She has got first prizes in many competitions of painting in her school. She is one of the co-authors and illustrators of Misna Chanu’s anthology of short stories for children named “Songs Of The Lilies”. She did some of the illustrations of her mother Misna Chanu’s short story book for children named “Once Upon A Time”.

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