Mohini Sharda (Children's World)

Mohini Sharda
Quiet sentinels stand tall
In the dark night
Stretching their long,longing limbs
Till Queen Diana appears
In her shiny crystal chariot
Piercing the night’s dark shroud
Waking the slumberous clouds
In shadows, trembling, tremulous
A piper pipes a song anew
About goldy locks, dark eyed fairy
Who lived in a house along the prairie
Lil Angels
Some are frail in frame
Others small in size
Those tiny little angels
Have milky smiles
Some are joyous
Others squeak in glee
As they hop around
They bring one close to divinity
I see in them a paradise of innocence pure
That for a mortal is recompense sure 
My Father-My Hero
My father stands
In his starched stiff olive greens
The brass on his shoulder, is our pride
The medals adorning his proud, wide chest
He takes them in his stride
I salute his motto:
‘The welfare of the nation comes first, everywhere, every time.’
‘My own welfare comes last, everywhere, everytime.’
Be it the baking heat
Of a merciless desert son
Or the icy glaciers of bone chilling Siachin
My hero stands ram-rod erect
In dedicated loyalty to the nation


Bio Note: Mohini Sharda

Mohini Sharda has been Associate professor and Head PG Department of English at KMV Jalandhar. She has a vast experience of teaching graduate and under graduate classes for about 38 years. During her tenure she remained a member of various College and University   bodies. She has to her credit research articles in Journals /anthologies of repute and presentations at international and national conferences and seminars. As the Director of women’s   studies center at KMV she significantly contributed to empowerment of marginalized sections of women. She has been a member of Juvenile Justice Board appointed by Government of Punjab. She is vice-president of Lit. Spark (a Literary forum for promotion of creative and critical writing). Women studies and community welfare are her areas if interest.

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