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Neelam Saxena Chandra


Lovely wonderful yellow moon
Do you dance to some angels’ tune?
At night you enchant me
But where do you go during the noon?
Sometimes full and sometimes small
And sometimes not visible at all
You change your looks everyday
I was thinking of making a dress for you
And decorate it with colours red and blue
Please tell me your size I pray!!!


Golden fairy comes out during the day
And gives me company when I play
Golden fairy sits and holds me tight
When I don’t get sleep on dark night
Golden fairy is my best friend forever,
She has promised that she will leave me never!


Red, Green, Pink and Blue
In my garden you can see all the hue
Beautiful flowers smile everywhere
And singing birds fly in the air
Every corner holds some surprise
Oh my garden is a paradise!!!


Bio Note: Neelam Saxena Chandra

Neelam Saxena Chandra has authored 7 novels, 9 short story collections, 37 poetry collections and 15 children’s books. She is a bilingual author, writing in English as well as Hindi. More than 2000 of her poems/stories have been published in various journals/anthologies/magazines. She holds a record with the Limca Book of Records, 2015 for being the Author having the highest number of publications in a year in English and Hindi. She has won several international and national awards. She was listed in Forbes (India) as one of the most popular 78 authors in 2014.

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