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Santosh Bakaya

Hues of Nature

“I am so great, you know, look at my muscles.”
Said the skinny rat, creating a lot of hustle- bustle.
“I love nature, and am fascinated by the rustles
of the leaves; who is bothered about ego tussles?”
Said the spunky squirrel, her whiskers, shining bright.
While a group of impish boys ran after a falling kite. 
The squirrel stood on its hind paws, looking at the rat.
Wondering at the vanity of the shriveled up ratty brat.
“What do you find nice in nature?” the thin rat sneered.
When out of the blue, a glossy, black raven appeared.
“Nature is all around you, don’t you have eyes to see?
 Trees, flowers, busy bees and even the so- called evil me?”


The hullaballoo over an Owl

“Oh no! Oh no! There is an owl in the house.”
Squealed the highly indignant and fat mouse.
“Hey! How can a meek owl be anyone’s grouse? 
Strange! Why can’t you understand this, you louse! ”

“Did you just call me a louse, how unfair and foul!
You are an intruder, you burglar!  You stinking owl!”
“I just lost my way in the dark.” Meekly, the owl pleaded.
“Ha- ha, owls can see in the dark,” its plea went unheeded.
The mouse picked up a stick, swinging it like a conductor’s baton.
Shrieking, “you monster of the night, leave the house – be gone!”
 Fluttering its wings, the poor owl swiftly flew out of the house.
But, in revenge, unleashed a string of bird- droppings on the mouse.  


The Penguin with the Hat

A penguin had somehow got hold of a tattered old hat.
He put it on his head, and walked with a strut, and fell flat.
His kith and kin witnessed the scene, and broke into grins.
Complained the penguin, ‘’blokes, you will pay for your sins.”

“Don’t curse us, don’t you know, laughter is the best medicine?”
“Laughing at the expense of others, creates nothing but a din.”
Rejoined the highly indignant, by now hat- less, morose penguin. 
Said one, “Don’t be sad, friend dear, come let me play the violin.”

Remarked another, “With a song, let me transport you to Mars.”
“I care two hoots for your violin- playing, you are no singing stars.”
Opined another, “Forgive us, we are friends through thick and thin.”
This quickly quelled the storm raging within the heart of the penguin. 


Bio Note: Santosh Bakaya

Recipient of Reuel International Award for poetry, [2014] Setu International Award, [2018], essayist, poet, novelist, biographer, TEDx Speaker, Dr. Santosh Bakaya has been internationally acclaimed for her poetic biography of Bapu, Ballad of Bapu [Vitasta, Delhi, 2015] and Only in Darkness can you see the Stars [A Biography of Martin Luther King Jr.  Vitasta, 2019].  Her twenty three books published across different genres have been well- received.

Her two collaborative e- books: Vodka by the Volga [with Dr. Koshy, Blue Pencil, 2020], From Prinsep Ghat to Peer Panjal [with Gopal Lahiri, Blue Pencil, 2021] have been Amazon # 1 bestsellers. 


  1. You know, i must confess, i enjoyed the revenge taken by the owl! Am sure all kids will love these delightful poetic tales

  2. Thanks so much Swati Pal


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