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Roopali Sircar Gaur

Dangle Wangle the Grasshopper


Dangle Wangle the Green Grasshopper

Jumps and hops on the clean green grass

His legs are long his eyes are sharp

He loves to play and sing with a harp.


To hop and jump

Jump and romp

He needs a lot of space.

He jumps and hops

Hops and jumps

a bright smile on his face.


Ant Andy saves

some Candy

for a rainy day

slow and steady

slow and steady

he walks all the way.

Dangle wangle laughs

and shouts

It’s the month of May

It won’t rain

You work in vain

Why should you

Take so much pain.

Ant Andy

there’s plenty of candy

Why do you

store for more?

Ant Andy you’re a fool.

I don’t follow any rule

I don’t even go to school.


When thunder shouted

oh so loud

drops of rain fell

from the cloud

Drip drop drip drop drip drip drop

Dangle Wangle got so wet

He did not have a place to stop

He could not just jump or hop

Ant Andy stayed at home

he did not want to roam

He stretched his little feet

On a bag of candy sweet.

Outside the rain went

Drip drop drip drop drip drip drip.


Wet and hungry

Dangle wangle

learnt the rule

and when the rain

and thunder stopped

Dangle wangle

to school he hopped

now the Lazy

Green Grasshopper

worked like Andy for his candy

And soon became the class topper.


Porky the Porcupine

Porky porcupine

Shakes his quills

Down his spine

Like needles of pine

His nose can smell

and he can tell

carrots potatoes

turnip and roots

under the ground

Looking for shoots

If he is found

He quickly moves

making a rackety

tackety sound

the quills shiver

Like arrows in a quiver.


Bio Note: Roopali Sircar Gaur

Roopali Sircar Gaur, Ph.D. is a poet, writer, and social justice activist. She was Associate Professor of English at Delhi University and taught Creative Writing at the Indira Gandhi National Open University. Her book The Twice Colonised: Women in African Literature is a seminal text on gender, ageing, war, disability, and post-colonial literature. Her poetry is included in several international anthologies and is archived in the Stanford University Pandemic digital archives. Since 2020 she has co-edited four international poetry anthologies. She is Consultant Editor and columnist at Different Truths, a global participatory social journalism platform; and Poetry Editor for the AWS Ezine.  


  1. You know, i used to come up with names for animals as did my son. We had a family of lizards at home when he was two and between us we named them Lizzie, Izzy, Buzy, Tizzy and Dizzy! So loved reading about dangle wangle and Porky!

    1. Thank you Swati for reading these. I read your story about Mohan. Generations of soldiers and doctors in his blood gave him the grit. The values of not letting the side down. It’s so painful for you and your family to lose a gem. So painful for me as a mother .


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