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Satinder Kaur
Paper Boats

Sitting all alone on the swing in my balcony
I enjoyed the pitter-patter of the rejuvenating rainfall
Lush green leaves of the trees around
Reflected their delight through their vibrant sounds
I see tender childhood, enjoying in the flooded street
Little boys and girls screaming in glee
Pushed their paper boats designed most artistically
Into the muddy waters thus forming a fleet.  
But lo! some older champs suddenly emerged
And like seasoned warriors well-equipped with arms
Pushed in water their bigger shiny boats,
As a hush descended on the faces of the younger lot. 


A Trip to the Zoo

A dream enters my open eyes and a smile plays upon my lips
When I remember a trip to the zoo
Planned with my kids, amid some hullabaloo

Tigers, lions, giraffes and zebras, elephants, birds and coiling snakes
Rhinos, unicorns, wolfs and monkeys, all promised to make it an exciting trip.

Inside the zoo, we hired a rickshaw to reach the regions where they dwelt.
But to my utter dismay, the smart kids of the computers and cars era
Were so enchanted with the RICKSHAW RIDE
They refused to get down to watch the inmates of the zoo.

And lo! The pangs of thrill were left for the MOM and DAD duo.



Wake Up Call   

Wake up, wake up, my darling daughter
The morning rays are here with a rich platter
With the sparrows chirping and the bees humming
The koels cooing and the leaves rustling
The sweet fragrances, playing hide and seek
Covet your presence to be in their midst
Lo! The peacock also in full majesty
Has joined their company in great ecstasy 
O my dear, wherefore do you linger
To receive the bunch of blessings from Nature
The gifts of God are knocking at your door
Come with an open heart and enjoy them to the core. 




Bio Note: Satinder Kaur


Satinder Kaur (MA, M Phil English, M Sc Physics) has been an Associate Professor & Head P G Dept of English at KMV Jalandhar, with a vast experience of teaching postgraduate and undergraduate classes for about 45 years. She had been a member of various college and University bodies, attended many National and international Conferences, presented and published many Research Papers. Her recent achievements include participation in online poetry meets, world poetry conference 4 at Chandigarh, publication of poems in Mosaic of Poetic Musings, an anthology of 138 contemporary women poets from India, and many reputed books and journals.  


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