Poetry: Love in the time of plague

Soumik Kumar De

The Hidden: Soumik Kumar De

And when he met her first
She was masked 
Deep blue eyeballs, lavender frons 
Air drawn locks and the pearly drops
Everything  mesmeric
Everything magnetic .

Yet he never heard her speak
Never saw her smile
The more mysterious was she
The more he got crazy. 

And the day came finally 
He put his hand upon hers
Eyes met the eyes
An aggression, a retreat
A whisper, a fast beat.

Still she was masked, still silent
But he grew more impatient 
The mask was drawn, 'the hidden' shown
The unveiled face downwards bent
        O horror! O horror!
The chin was burnt, he came to learn
         Of the attack brutal.

Moment passed, a deep hush
              A little linger
Kissed he now, the fleshless blush
       Finger touched the finger. 

Poet’s Bio: Mr Soumik Kumar De, a teacher by profession and poet by passion, writes poetry both in Bengali and English. So far his poems have been anthologized in so many national and international publications and web journals like the prestigious Setu journal, The Indian Review, Borderless Journal, Aulos:An Anthology of Poems, Caravan, Insalutas, Innsaei journal to mention a few.

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