Goddess Ganga! - Rameshwer Singh

(Pictures of the holy place by the poet: Har Ki Podi)

Rameshwer Singh
Divine and Pristine
Goddess Ganga
As a Vast stretch of
Bluish green water,
I see standing on a bridge
At Har Ki Podi.

Originating at Gangotri from
Divine hairs of Lord Shiva 
She flows freely 
in the Himalayas
Making her path 
Through divergent
Flora and fauna.
In Rishikesh 
She glides past
Into the plains
With tinkling flow
Amidst rocks and trees.
She is chilly cold and clear here.

I see her emerging
From Himalayas
Spiritual and Serene
Flowing Energy
Passing through the bridge
Dancing silvery waves.!

I can see her
flowing away far into the eternity
With sunrays sparkling 
Over her waves.

Who am I
Why am I here
Where will I go!

Goddess Ganga!
I meditate
I look towards you.

You have been flowing
Through Ages!
Continuous and Energetic!

You have been seeing the world
Evolving in multiple layers of
Science, Art,
Culture and Spirituality.

Serving the World
With your Amrit Water
All along your journey!

You change form
In this World.
River, Sea, Clouds, Rain
Snow and River.

You will remain here
Till Infinity.

Light appears 
Deep inside me.

Goddess Ganga!
You have provided me 
Some answers I seek.

I am a Divine Energy
Always to be in existence
Only changing in form.

I am to serve
As God will guide me

I flow till Infinity
As you do.

I change form
Soul is forever.

Goddess Ganga
At Har Ki Podi
You have provided
Some answers
I seek!

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