Poetry: Mark Young

Mark Young
The calliope

comes down the gang-
plank of the riverboat,
boasting to the waiting 
reporters that she considers 
herself to be the inventor 
of steampunk — or, at 

least, the precursor there-
of. Then she goes striding 
through the lanes of Lon-
don, combat boots at the 
ready, pipes pierced with 
tethering rings or else en-

closed within vambraces, 
shouting at anyone that 
dares get in her way. All
the signs of being raised
as per the ABC of this type
of life — anal, banal, canal.

To / bring clarity / to the analysis
                                           Piove, governo ladro!

The online component of the 
tongue of the chameleon is 
arranged along a spectrum so
that electrical stimulation will 
provoke an extreme example 
of quick energy release every 
time personalized medicine or 
an example of a pangram is 

trailed in front of an eye. It's 
not a fear of what might happen; 
rather a reaction to the intro-
duction of capitalism as the 
State's default economic system 
& the uncertainty it may bring.

Hallucinations Procrastinate Amongst Themselves

The choir began the next hymn. Hundreds 
of voices. A simple experiment in social 
media — or should have been. Instead, 
they started to see things hovering around 
them, argued amongst themselves as to 
what they might be, couldn't bring any 
decision on identity to a conclusion. At 
least, not at that moment. Then couldn't 

agree on what the following hymn should be. 
The reluctance to come to a decision spilled
over to the apparitions. Stay or go? Pack up
the ectoplasm or let it congeal in the choir 
stalls? But then, what to do about the
elephant hiding in the corner of the room?

Known as 'the tree man'

If you drive too slowly, remember 
the human component within your 
organization. We spend far more 
per person on health care than any 
other country, learning to sleep & 
wake at the same time each day. I 
lace up my trainers, head out the 
door, borrowing from a new part-
nership with Baroque drama that
is assisted by mimetic translation 
practices. At some random point, 
we sense either the doldrums or 
an awkward encounter with a bio-
battery facing a massive marketing
effort in a compressed timeframe.

Reckless spending

The movement of the minute hand
is semi-lucid, &, at this time of the
year, appears to happen coincident 
with those errors of signaling & 
perception found in the early 
stages of the evolution of language. 

It's an inherently vague notion; but 
for anyone involved in collective 
rhythmic labor it presents as a 
game theory problem, where some
single decision must be made that
aligns with the ebb & flow of tides.

Bio: Mark Young was born in Aotearoa / New Zealand but now lives in a small town in North Queensland in Australia. His most recent book is a downloadable pdf prompted by the Cantos of Ezra Pound, XXXX CENTONES, available from sandy press — https://www.sandy-press.com/

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  1. Mark Young, as usual, all killer no filler!!


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