Poetry: Scott Thomas Outlar

Scott Thomas Outlar
An Ode to the Word

Poetry -
I breathe you in,
filling my lungs
with the longings of life
expressed through sharp, crisp meaning
from the deepest recesses
of those who do not fear
pouring out their hearts
so that men such as I
can reach the realization
that all of us
bleed the same from our wounded 
yet exhilarated states of consciousness…
or, even if they do have trepidations,
these poets still brave the act
of penning poignant words
that set their experiences free,
helping me to also escape 
during the process of liberation.

Poetry - 
You have no chains, no binds,
no restrictions
that cannot be overcome,
no limitations, no boundaries
that cannot be bridged,
and I love you for
the courage of raw emotion
that brings tears to my eyes,
a smile to my face,
and high electric fervor
pumping through the neurons
that become excited in my mind.
Poetry - 
Yes! I openly
use the word love
while singing this ode in your honor,
for you have provided unto me
insights and understandings
about the conditions of this life
that otherwise seem
existential and unanswerable.

Poetry - 
You arouse the lust of my loins
in ways that transcend
simple sexual cravings…
indeed, you offer an opening
along the path
toward enlightenment,
transubstantiation, nirvana,
bliss, and holy ascension…
you teach the way
of the Tao, of alignment,
of balance, of harmony,
of rhythm, of accord,
of connectedness
with the pure natural flow.

Poetry - 
You are the gentle waters
of absolution
and apotheosis;
you are the crystallized vision
that brings all scattered pieces
of the schismatic system
into a unified wholeness;
you are the epitome
of Oneness, of The Word,
of Logos incarnate,
of Genesis reverberations,
of the primordial source
from which
all beautiful possibilities
emerge in righteous splendor. 

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