Poetry: Yogesh Patel, MBE

Yogesh Patel, MBE

o (s)fortuna

After Carl Orff


they came from hell

the firebird raged in hearts

angels burned on a pyre


doors were wedged

windows all blocked

hell was watching

holding torches

chanted                        shouted

cursing                        throwing

the kerosene-soaked

rag-lit bricks


raw flesh browned

babies choked

the smoke plumes spread


no way out

light was trapped

like the pilgrims


what does a baby

know of Lords

born in sands

or a city where

god was born


a lover holds her

tight as he can

nothing matters

parents let go

Yamraja claims

the honour killing


throw some yellow

throw some crimson

grey and dark

can also play

holi unfolds

in autumn colours

and you are in

long fire-ribbons

shooting from

dragon’s mouth


scream & run

trample & push

or get crushed

red eyes dried

in a volcanic fury

choked & fallen

parched & ashes


one Almighty runs

with haunted zombies

another one sears

in a hot tandoor


they’re all losers

but hey-ho hey-ho

Fortune plango vulnera*


a man with a pen

picked up a winner




*‘I lament the wounds that Fortune deals!’: A second song from Carl Orff’s 24 musical orchestra/poems from his medieval collection Carmina Burana. This poem reflects the musical movements of first familiar song: O Fortuna! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXFSK0ogeg4


(from poet’s forthcoming collection, 2½)

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