Ipsita Ganguly
War and Peace

After what seems like aeons
We sat down to broker peace.

In the backdrop
The followers of different faiths fought
baying for each other's blood!

Price of food soared to levels untouched
Voices of dissent got silenced
And intolerance became far too commonplace.

You spoke of collateral damage without batting an eyelid,
Without an iota of emotion or feelings,
Those who got crushed just didn't matter.

And yet tired of everything burning all around
We sat down and brokered peace
For old times and the times to come.

Our mellowness twirled and clinked
Like the ice in your vodka,
And the vanilla iced coffee I drank.

We brokered peace, you and I
Even while the holocaust cloud hovered above us.

Peaceful Moorings

Nights that strum peace
Laid out on the river
The banks submerged in tall grass
The moon hanging over
Like an ally
Watching me
Watching the moon
Remembering you
And the mellow sunlight
Caught in your whisky
That mellowness
Spread out in the setting sun
Reminding me of peace then
And my ally, the moon
Lighting up the sky tonight
The buzz and drone of the night bugs
The music of silent nights
And peaceful moorings.

Ipsita Ganguli describes herself as a Business Consultant at sunrise and a Poet cum Travel Writer cum Heritage and Art Enthusiast at sunset. Ipsita writes...because she must. Her poems have been published in several national and international e zines and anthologies. She is also one of the main characters of the Poetry film Kolkata Cocktail. She has ideated, conceptualised and conducted a series of online Talk Shows entitled Cafe and curated offline Poetry events for Kolkata Literary Meet and at Kolkata Centre for Creativity She has authored two independent compilations of poems “Of Love, Longing and Random Pondering” and “Rooted, India 75, and We the People”.

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