Katie Bagli
The Snow Leopard

The entire village was out at once
On hearing Eenakshi’s cries aloud.
‘Thief, thief, catch him, do stop him.
He has carried away our calf Lakshmi!
They angrily pelted stones at him,
They got their vessels and made a great din.
The Snow Leopard just couldn’t comprehend
What was wrong with these two-legged men?
Why the anger, why the hue and cry?
He was only helping himself to ready dinner -
The calf, in place of the usual prey, Bharal.
Ibex and Bharal were so hard to find, 
Ever since humans settled in altitudes high,
Ever since they migrated into his territory,
No more the peace, no more the serenity.
No longer the king of his glorious realm,
Higher and higher up the mountains he leapt,
Higher and higher to the ultimate peak
Where man found impossible to reach.
With only the snow and dense white clouds,
Only the roaring winds for company, 
Where at last he felt blessed peace.

Peace in my City 

The city wore a look deserted and ghostly,
Conspicuous by the absence of vehicles.
No children playing, no vendors calling,
No drilling sounds to the ears most jarring.
Had time decided to freeze?
Had the clocks refused to tick?
In this grim and unusual scene
I dared to walk my dog Chloe.
So what if it appeared eerie, 
Chloe needed her walk daily.

An unusual peace descended on me.
The air so pure and crisp had never been.
The soft, sweetness of leaves rustling
And on the streets were boldly striding
Herons and Egrets, joyfully calling.
And along the bay, I was most amazed
To see schools of Dolphins joyfully leaping.
Does it need a lockdown to bring out Mumbai's beauty?
I could feel the peace as I had never known
In Mumbai, my cacophonic fast-paced home.

Katie Bagli is a children’s author and nature writer, having won several awards in this field. She is also the Director, Education of Jane Goodall Institute India.She has been reaching out to schools to enroll for their Roots & Shoots Programme, inspiring youth to take action towards a better and healthier planet. When she is not writing Katie conducts workshops on creative writing. She also enjoys conducting nature walks for the young and old.

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