Ketaki Datta
Peace be it 
Peace is a five-letter word
of solace,
of beatitude,
of serenity,
of harmony,
of everything that induces a positive mind-set!

War-torn nations look for it
in the reflection of the moon,
on an autumn night.
On a famished face of a kid,
who lost his mother
to the beastly lust of a terrorist
before his eyes,
Peace comes as a slap,
as a word,
sleeping in the dull, sepia
pages of a lexicon!

Whither has Peace gone?                                

Langston Hughes raised his voice 
                  in protest against 
                  the Whites’ oppressing the Blacks!
Elizabeth Barrett Browning cried 
                 for the Italians being
                 maltreated by the Austrians!
We all cry hoarse against the Russians
                  wading in the blood
                  of the Ukrainians!
What joy do they get
          by drubbing the weak?
What delight can be had
          by boxing the ears of the meek?
 The wives, who work silently
       from dawn to dusk, 
Get beaten by the hulk incessantly,
       wrongly being taken to task!
Be at peace with yourselves, folks,
     Fetch Peace from the Heaven, if need be,
Peace is neither a magic nor a hoax,
      Try to find it in deeper within, sincerely! 

Dr. Ketaki Datta is an Associate Professor in English of a Govt. College, Kolkata, India. She is a novelist, translator, book reviewer [with Compulsive Reader, USA, and Muse India, Hyderabad,India] and a poet. She has two novels, “A Bird Alone” and “One Year for Mourning”, the last being published by Partridge Publishing Co. USA. Her short stories have been widely anthologized. Her book of poems, “Across the Blue Horizon” was published by Feedaread Publishing, U.K. aided by Arts Council, England. Her book of poems with Prof. Wilfried Raussert has been published from Germany titled, “Urban Reflections: A Dialogue in Poetry and Photography”. Her latest book of poems is “The Music of Eternity” and she has translated three novels. She had visited Lisbon [Cidade Universitaria], Univ. of Oxford and Univ. of California [Santa Barbara] to present her research papers on invitation.

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