Maria do Sameiro Barroso (Towards Visibility)

 Maria do Sameiro Barroso

There are women, too, in the pleading night
never seen by blind eyes, 
lying dead among wounded lilies,
dark liquors, forgotten mirrors.
In the morning, I listen to their longings 
delved into their lips, hiding in their hair.
In their transparent skin, 
I read their music, 
their loving hearts, their moons of silk,
their ancient cornucopias.
They are surviving goddesses
of beauty, harmony and fertility
still carrying the red juices
of pomegranates
tattooed in the imposed barrenness 
they bear,
surviving in withered lives
of daily white deserts.


The silence is not a sweet
for all those who take refuge 
in the blue turquoise
of the night.
The night is not sweet, 
when you are stripped 
of your integrity
and your heart departs,
beneath the acrid and avid brains 
that conquer, devour 
and oppress you.
Life is a bleak canvas.
But poems arise somehow, 
like grains of sand
thrown at random,
born from the crystal of a scream.

Maria do Sameiro Barroso (Portugal), considered one of the most original and outstanding voices of modern Portuguese Poetry, is a Medical Doctor, Family Medicine Specialist a Germanist and a multilingual and awarded poet, translator, essayist and researcher in Portuguese and German Literature, Translations Studies and History of Medicine. She has authored over 40 poetry books, translations and essays. Her poems are featured in over a hundred national and international magazines and anthologies. She is a Member of Honor of the Association Alia Mundi from Serbia, an Ambassador of Literacy and Culture of the ASIM SASAMI INDONESIA GLOBAL WRITERS of Indonesia, Intercontinental President of the Portuguese Speaking Countries of the Unión Hispanomundial de Escritores (E.H.E.), International Consultant of China Central Television's(CCTV) "Masters of Art", Beijing, China, 2023, Ambassador for Portugal and Honorary Doctorate Degree granted by Prodigy Life Academy USA, 2023.

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  1. May the millions living in harrowing circumstances survive because of these crystals born of screams..


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