Rohini Kumar Behera
Peace through poetry 

I set out to find world peace
First let us bow down our 
Ego, pride and selfishness 
One last time there’d be peace 
Let’s believe, it may last forever 
Be at peace, from doubt and fear 
For my life is infinite to surrender 
Peace is like a musical bell
Which is everything we find well
A rich man helping a poor 
All people helping each other 
A heart understanding another 
Let all proclaim together 
There is peace in our land. 

Poetry ushers peace 

Let us join hands for peace 
May peace flourish in the world. 
Peace is laughter like a musical bell
Peace is sought after through poetry
It’s found in a poetic heart 
With olive leaves in its beaks.
We should live it while alive. 
It was the peace with a pace 
I saw smiles with glee.
Peace opens a way to change 
Harmony is so very lyrical 
Peace rewards man who does his best
The world then fills with happiness.

Rohini Kumar Behera has retired from government of Odisha. He is a featured poet of Inner child press International, USA and Pentasi B separately. Motivational Strips has conferred  upon him,  golden  badge,  global  doves  of  peace,  golden  literature  award,  ambassador  de  literature,  75th Indian Independence day honour. He has also received Rabindranath Tagore memorial award and MS founder’s award 2022. The world institute of peace, Nigeria bestowed upon him ”World icon of peace, Epitome of humanity and Ambassador of peace awards. He is the author of seven poetry books. 

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