Sangeeta Gupta
‘Make peace' with yourself

We cannot go back in time
and undo or do things
to end our suffering 
we can only look back
with compassion
and accept all that happened
good, bad and ugly.
It is not possible
to dig your wounds
and act differently one more time
just one more time
to set it right for once
we have to move on with our lives
we can forgive each other
we can forgive ourselves
we can stop beating
ourselves forever. 
We can learn to make
peace with our past
and live in here and now
we are not sure
of our next breath
why look back and
replay the old drama again
and yet again
move on, move on, move on
that is the only way.


Love is
the foundation of peace
When there is love
in the hearts
there is tranquility
not blood and killing
let there be
millions of guards
on the borders
soul will meet
the soul anyway
there are more verses
than bullets
don't spend yourself
in ruining oneself
or ruining others
come lets write
stories of life
word by word
verse by verse
forget bitterness
lets open all doors
once again
for love.

Sangeeta Gupta is a film maker, artist and a poet. She is a Delhi based bilingual poet with 25 published books to her credit; it includes a collection of short stories and 14 anthologies of poems in Hindi. Ten of her books of poems are translated in German, Greek, Mandarin, English, Bangla, Dogri, Tamil and Urdu. She also has held 36 solo exhibitions of her paintings and has directed, shot and scripted 30 documentary films, seven of them are in the collection of Library of Congress, Washington.

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