Gandhi's Wisdom (Gandhian Philosophy)

Shalini Samuel
In a world where shadows often reign,
Gandhi's wisdom still lights the way,
"Be the change," he said, so plain,
A beacon of hope in the darkest day.

"An ounce of patience," his words echo,
More valuable than endless speech,
For in stillness understanding, we find,
Priceless lessons, love, and unity teach.

"In a gentle way," we must aspire,
To shake the world with love and grace,
For in kindness, we can rise higher,
Humanity's noble, compassionate face.

"The greatness of a nation," he declared,
Measures not in wealth or might,
But in how animals are treated and cared for,
He is a mirror reflecting the good virtues of humanity.

Gandhi's quotes, like stars in the night,
Guide us toward a brighter morn,
With love, patience, and compassion's light,
A better world, together, we will adorn.

Bio: Kanyakumari is Shalini Samuel’s beloved hometown. She is a senior content writer at KAI Marketing, where she weaves words into captivating content for the business world. She has penned three poetry collections. Her published works include Singing Soul, The Painted Life and Drizzle. Her poetry has been featured in a wide array of esteemed print and online publications, as well as in numerous anthologies, resonating with readers across the globe.

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