Poetry: Vasiliki Petroudi

Vasiliki Petroudi
                                  In the dawn of darkness

In the dawn of darkness
found a river gloomy
soothing was its harshness
comfort its dusk to me

In the dawn of darkness
I found a door locked
an entrance to the madness
no one never knocked

In the dawn of darkness
found crows on the hill
their feathers starkness
written all the fears I feel 

                                   Only light

All my nights have a bittersweet aftertaste
From a deep bowl I spoon the darkness
I swallow as much as I can
The digestion process so painful
How many shadows can I possibly absorb?
But I need to eat more and more and more
I must consume all the nights
leave no room for shades
Light light only light

                                    The journey

Sirocco leaves his burning breath on my skin
I mix my expectations with the pebbles of the shore
One more summer looking at the open sea
waiting for that ship that will take me away
I never wanted to get stacked on Ithaca
it was the journey I was yearning for
Sirens charmed me "Settle down" they were chanting
but now I know well, every anchorage is a grave
and freedom is hardest tyranny of all
To stay or not to stay…
This is the question

Athens (Greece)

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