Mandira Ghosh (Voices Within 2023)

Mandira Ghosh is a poet and author of eminence. She is the recipient of Bharat Nirman award and also Women Achiever Award 2020, Author of the year Award In the field of literature by Asian Literary Society. She has published and edited 21 books, and is the Guest Editor of the Poets of India, Special Issue of The Seventh Quarry, The Swansea Magazine from Wales, also, Featured poet this year in April issue. by them. Awarded with a Senior Fellowship of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Has received the Editor's Choice Award, twice by the International Society of Poets, and has been elected to the International Poetry Hall of Fame. She is currently Treasurer of The Poetry Society (India) and also a member, the Governing Board and member, TPS Editorial team. Selected poems are to be translated into major European languages by Timisoara University, Romania. 



 Sunlight on my Courtyard 


Through my window 

For centuries the moon smiled

Now in the hands of man 

Disaster defined.

As the nations compete

With one another 

To become superpowers

My country too gets on race and speeds up her arms


As the beggar boy searches for alms

His little sister

Lies in tattered clothes 

On streets 

Mother in borrowed long dress with

 visible holes

Father on drugs 

Begs by knocking 

Car's window panes.


In my backyard

Nuclear waste is piled

Nukes can blow away 

The beggar and me.



Still I read stories 

of bravery and murders

Memorise World history

Till the bulb diffuses...


Tomorrow is my exam

I get up and move towards the courtyard 

With a smile, I watch

Sunlight on my courtyard.




Behind the river 

Behind the house, lies 

Water elixir.


Behind the body

Behind all rituals, lies

Soul immortal. 


Beyond the books.

Behind the library, lies 

Unextinguished knowledge. 


They tried to fire

They will try to destroy

But knowledge as power

Soul as immortal and

Water as elixir

will always remain as nectar. 











Until and unless it doesn't rain

There is no advantage of being alone..



Until then the story stays incomplete

Till the tears of two eyes together may glaze



my diary that took wet water

from the atmosphere

to smudge in blue


The leaves shook

Inside the pages

trembled with pain galore.

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