Laksmisree Banerjee (Women and Spring)

Laksmisree Banerjee
(“Beauty is Truth, truth beauty / That is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know”.. John Keats) 

I see my pictures often frozen in time
Perhaps I see art of the highest kind
Sometimes in reverie, sometimes in revelry
Ancient land with new grass
No crinkles, no wrinkles, just straight
Everlasting twinkles of the human mind
Fertile furrows, secure burrows 
Vitalized with pure soil and water
As I traverse on terrain endless
My heart of love and face
Struck in deep somnolence
As whirling times unwind
In the penumbra of the sun
In the silence of the void
In the milky gurgles of the child
A white blossom of fire unfolds
Breathes still in a moving circle
As I remain etched in stasis
Rocks and ages roll on 
Glaciers clot and thaw unyielding
Stars blaze and planets rotate
But I remain a changeless marvel
An eternal figurine of beauty and truth
In the cosmic mime ---


When Spring unbars my doors and windows
when sunshine-gold flatters my face
with the ever new flush of iridescent purity
when the koel’s sonata cascades through me
in echoes of that effervescence of your love
the bursting blooms bathe me in beauty
of child-like liquescence in joyous gurgles
with their rainbow-blush of everlastingness
when cold nights have disappeared
into black holes of insignificance
when the raging firewood has left behind
the warmth of newness in its death
I hear your Cosmic Song in twittering swallows
ragas resonate in happy dancing of corn blades

Your Rhapsody of Life our only bewildering reality
And Death an aberration, a non-existence
A Temporal Winter of no consequence ---

Yes your amorous Springtime ushers in
an azure of hope with expansive virgin clouds
floating in ballads and ballets of limitlessness
full of expectation of water-bearing maternity
to drench lands and loams of arid melancholy
a far cry of wintry deserts from this season of joy
flossy cotton balls lingering in our sky of faith
making Springtime a playful duality of the sun
in tangerine delight with cleanse of rainy showers
proclaiming the balance of being in temperance
the parks and gardens full of the life force of equivalence
with your cosmic cycles of rejuvenation in hibernation
bliss and beatitude surmounting impermanent gloom

Your Spring remains our water-fount in crevices
Playing forever hide and seek at our doorstep
Yet presiding over mire and mist
Truthful Season secreted in the human heart and soul
Ready to lend the hand of lasting Divine Grace
A chirping bird of Timelessness beyond the apparent face ---


my dreams float in windy seas
my bare branches in rugged dance
my skeletal twigs born in the stress of freeze
jubilant now with whispers in the breeze
of your long awaited arrival ---

my green arteries now seeped in brown
my leaves turning limp, sallow, rusty yellow
my branches dry with no flow of fresh blood
awaiting the crescendo to seize the flood
of the moment of your arrival ---

sudden the cosmic harmony reverberates
birds, buds and bees agog with echoes
of the silence of oncoming rhapsodies
brilliance of a new season of symphonies
oh I hear the moment of your arrival ---

mother and child in the cantata of raptures
birthing leaves and babies in fluent green
kaleidoscopes in giggling gardens captured
rainbows in muted sunshine of overtures
blossoms await the moment of your arrival ---

the icicles thaw with another resurrection
songs of nature rend the air and abode
the artist has splashed his colours again
I await once more your moment of arrival
for Spring has returned with hope of survival ---

ROSES ARISE (On a Painting by Edouard Manet)

You see through my translucence
My soul of watery innards
A green yearning for a palette
Of our special communion 

Rippling cascades of placidity
So often erased or neglected
In a niche of unnoticed beauty
That flies in the ether of love 

I come to you through eons fragile
In the air of my flagrant colours
Splashing like the currents on spring-shores
Perhaps its tranquillity on the horizon

I become an angel with winging roots
My hibernating self in liquidity
Splurging with elemental bliss of ditties
Flowers embracing foliage in our elysium

Rainbow hues in the sky of roses
Painted azure of the blooming garden
Refractions rising in my longing for you
In my art of white transcendence

Bio: Prof. Dr. Laksmisree Banerjee is a Multiple Award-Winning Poet /Author, Literary Critic, Educationist, Sr. Academic and Practicing Radio & TV Vocalist with several National and International Publications, Assignments & Awards to her credit. She is an Internationally recognized Poet, Senior Fulbright Scholar, Commonwealth Scholar, Asian Society Scholar and National Scholar from the Calcutta University, a UGC Post-Doctoral Research Awardee and Former Vice Chancellor & Pro Vice Chancellor of Kolhan University, Eastern India. As a University Professor of English & Cultural Studies, Dr. Banerjee has lectured and recited in premier Universities of the world.  She has Eleven Books of Indian-English Poetry (with Two more forthcoming) and more than a Hundred Academic Publications including Books & Research Papers in diverse areas of Literature and Culture. She is widely published and anthologized in innumerable Journals and Anthologies across the globe, for eg. in Wasafiri UK, Chicago Review, South Asian Review USA, Atunis Galactic Poetry (Brussels), Setu (Pittsburgh), SECL (Studies-Series in English & Comparative Literature published in Austria, Canada & Germany), Commonwealth Review UK & India, Journal of IACLALS(Commonwealth Literatures & Languages Studies) and many more.

Dr.Banerjee (her Home University being University of Calcutta) has taught in Global Universities of Florida, Maryland (College Park Campus), Georgia, Stockholm, Lund, Vaxjo, Sodertorn, Copenhagen, Aarhus, London, Luton, Stellenbosh, Capetown, Witwatersrand, Sorbonne, Cyprus, Singapore Management University, Beijing, Kunming etc .  
As a Sr. Grade Radio & TV Artiste (a Gold Medallist & First Class M. Muse from Prayag Sangeet Samiti Of Allahabad University) she has performed over Radio, TV and Stage Recitals of Hindustani Classical, Semi-Classical and varied genres of Indian Ethno Music across India and the globe. 
Among her several Awards, a few need special mention---- viz. she is the Recipient of Two International Awards for Lifetime Achievement in Poetry & Literature ((i)Reuel International Lifetime Achievement & (ii) Literoma Laureate Lifetime Achievement) International Panorama Award for Poetry, Kala Ratnam Award, Asian Literary Society Women Achievers’ Award, Connoisseur of Literary Arts of Asia & Tunisia Award, Literoma Laureate Kriti Samman Award, Sahitya Akademi’s Avishkar Honour as “a Scholar-Artiste & Poet Musician”, the prestigious UGC Postdoctoral Research Award for her path-breaking Work on Comparative Studies of World Women Poets  and many other Awards over the years  An active Rotarian (Multiple Paul Harris Fellow), a Sr. Board Member of the University of Innsbruck, Austria and a Nominee of the Indian Rashtrapati on several Central University Boards, Dr. Banerjee is passionate about using the potency of her Pen and Voice for Social Transformations, International Peace & Good Will.

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