Kushal Poddar (Women and Spring)

Kushal Poddar
Memories Set a Table Spread

He vanishes 
leaving doubts and imaginations
on the chair, and yet 
memories set a table spread. 

She texts to a number 
reassorted to someone else.
He grows weary of saying
"I am not him."
and become the addressee's myth.

Spring brings 
a touch of verdancy 
on the gnarly brown before 
the weather rattles the dice once more.

Sakura - 2

The cherries bloom, sakura,
in the white of your eyes.
Their boughs swell up in red,
and a flurry of the wind in your head
asks, "How many springs 
did you evade sleep?"

The murders in this town
are foreknown; they catch the killers
before the crime, and set them free
to fulfill the prophecy.

Another Spring becomes a victim.
The hails plunge in, and you hear
the sufferer say, "Promise me a solution."
You shake your head.
Every promise we fake births another end. 

Cohen As Conceived During The Early Spring 

Sun dives, rises, repeats; this,
not the dark hues trees 
herd together, makes me afraid. 
They say you cannot unsee
sun emerging, naked, water beads,
prismic, following the contours.

A cloud shrouds the sight.
Water looks high, unstable and living
the stars' overture. The dance shapes 
my lips; they frame Cohen,
"The smokey life is practiced everywhere"

The crickets and fireflies applaud
in a mind drinking itself. The wind if eyes
could perceive without light 
and other distortions would look 
pollen coloured and exploding.

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