Poetry: Neelam Saxena Chandra

Neelam Saxena Chandra

Mind in jeopardy. 
Tensed. Restless. Helpless.
Was this what it wanted?
To be perched like a crow
On an electric pole?

Well, the crow at least doesn’t know
How crazy its situation is,
I do! And yet I am perched!

I try hard to balance
Life and time –
One foot moved by an inch
And the balance shall falter,
Charring me! 

Is the charring of body better 
Than the charring of soul?
Yes, my soul is already charred! 

The thought removes all the worries,
I am no longer stuck to that pole-
I develop wings 
And fly away with the clouds of happiness! 

It shall rain somewhere today,
I hope someone shall smile today
With the petrichor!


You stealthily hide it in the folds
of the dress that you are wearing,
hem it, so that it becomes invisible.
and yet,
the pain protrudes.
at times,
there are stains of blood too
when the wound aches too much.

you may wash the wound 
with a little Savlon,
and even apply ointment,
but then
the pus oozes out.

often, there are no balms,
that heal you-
till you realize
that there was really nothing to hide!

wounds and pains
are the lights  
that make you glow
more than 
a thousand splendid suns!

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