Birds of Gurugram: Anish Awasthi

Anish Awasthi
Delhi NCR despite its high population density and frightening pollution issues is still a place where you can spot a variety of bird species. From the common rock pigeons and crows to the elusive grey hornbills there are a huge variety of birds that can be spotted here. They are here not because of us but despite us.

The birds won’t pose for us to photograph them. They just appear out of nowhere like divine apparitions sent to refresh our souls. To make us wonder about the diversity of nature and our responsibility towards it. Birds are widely believed to be descendants of dinosaurs and we can travel back in time having a look at these amazing creatures.

Even commonly spotted birds are amazingly beautiful to look at, just ponder for a while and look at them closely.

Crows can to be irritating with their harsh kaw kaws but as their numbers dwindle we are forced to wonder about their daily struggles. Looking carefully at the eyes of the bird is the best way to read their emotions.

There are birds that are often heard but not commonly seen as they hide in thick foliage while making their calls. Birds like this brown headed barbet which makes the familiar kutroo kutroo sound is difficult to spot due to its green and brown colour.

The coppersmith barbet makes surprisingly loud tuk tuk sound despite its small size. They usually perch on the highest branches while making this call. They are very colourful but being tiny its difficult to note their colours. I was lucky to find its nest in a dry tree stump and could capture its amazing beauty as it peeped out.

Its fascinating to see a bird of prey in an urban lanscape. The majestic shikra makes up for its lack of size with aggressive agility. You can see that in its eyes

The melodious magpie robin is also a common bird here

These are common garden birds. The rose ringed parakeet can be heard chirping over the skies specially during early morning and late evening as they travel to and from their feeding spots. I was lucky enough to notice one of them relishing the fruit of saptaparni tree just next to our balcony in Gurugram.
The red vented bulbuls can seen busy hopping from one tree to the other , the tree next to our third floor balcony gives me a unique opportunity to capture these wonderful creatures while they rest on the brances of the saptparni tree.

Some birds like this cute little pair of the oriental white eye are difficult to spot due to their colour being simillar to green leaves dancing in sunshine.
Noticed a pair of house sparrows today morning. They were so common till a few years back and have almost vanished from urban areas.

Could manage a closer shot of the male sparrow

Zoom in on the eyes of the bird photos and you may be able to have a glimpse of their emotions.

This was just a little glimpse of our avian friends that I encounterd recently during my morning walks in Gurugram and on the tree in front of our balcony.

Bio: Anish Awasthi is former proprietor of an Inverters & Batteries sales & service firm. He is graduate in physics from Delhi university and B.E. in Industrial & Production Engineering from Bangalore University. He worked as production Engineer in the machine tools and automobile manufacturing industries for ten years before running his own business in Delhi for twenty years. At present he has settled down in Gurugram and is pursuing his interest in Bird photography.

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