Summer 2024: Hema Ravi

Hema Ravi

Bald, not bad…


A warm temperate summer afternoon.


This Mom sat at the edge of the nest, ‘eagle-eyed.’


The baby was flapping its wings constantly, eager to explore the world around it.

Whenever any other species was spotted at a distance, Mom let out the ‘territorial’ scream, to keep the intruders away.


Who thought human moms were the best? 


These raptors have a ‘motherly’ heart – an undeniably inherent goodness in caring for their offspring.


Interestingly, bald eagles are majorly monogamous, divorce rates are impeccably low. There is a just and judicious division of labor and the pair work together to build their nest; while males bring the ‘materials,’ females do the ‘assembling.’ While the female is busy incubating the eggs, the males hunt for themselves, their partners, and the chicks when they emerge.


Now, isn’t that what caring and sharing is all about…

After caring for them when they are fledglings and until they are juveniles, the parents let go! 


The young eagles explore and fend for themselves.


No ‘over-protecting,’ or ‘over-perfecting,’ just ‘responsible parenting….’


Breeding usually occurs between October and May.  Eagles usually choose tall trees near water as roosting sites.  Their nests are lined with twigs, grasses, and other soft materials as seen in the picture below.

Photo Courtesy: N. Ravi (Bothell, WA 2023 Summer in Seattle)


  1. Well written . Thanks for the information

  2. What balanced , yet lofty thoughts!


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