Summer 2024: Meetu Mishra

Meetu Mishra
Soft summer breeze

Soft summer breeze,
warm and mellow,
whispering gently,
in the trees,
roses, in full bloom,
swaying with joy,
sunny, bright skies,
birds chirping, in delight,
umbrellas playing hide and seek,
with sun, for fun,
soft summer musical breeze,
summer holidays, have just begun.

Summer vibes
Summer reminds me,
of longest days, shortest nights,
of lazy, cozy afternoons,
relaxing in bed, with a Ruskin Bond book,
relishing mangoes, ice-creams, lemonade,
having the time of my life,
at granny’s place,
umbrellas, hats, sunshades, beaches and sand,
a time to recharge, rejuvenate, reconnect,
summer vibes, pure energy, enthusiasm, smiles.

Summertime magic
Gentle summer breeze,
whistling into my ears,
songs of summertime magic,
leaves rustling, with glee,
chirping birds, happily,
hopping on trees,
flowers, colourful, bright,
celebrating summer delight,
warmth of summer breeze,
so refreshing, reassuring.

Summer tales
Scorching, piercing sun,
hot, flushed, pale face,
no trees, no green shade,
no respite, temperatures soaring,
jungle of concrete, burning in heat,
rivers, lakes, dying of thirst, vanishing,
heatwave alerts everywhere,
massive forest fires rage,
brutally engulfing all life,
leaving a huge plume of smoke,
climate change, a serious threat,
cannot afford to ignore,
our current summer tales.

Bio: Meetu Mishra is double Masters in Nutrition Science and Hindustani Classical Vocal Music.She is a bilingual Poet who loves to write in Hindi and English.Her poems, “The Magic of Holi” and “Titanic Revisited” won her the First and Second Positions, in English Poetry Contests organized by “Poets and Writers Den” in March, April 2022. Her Poem “Tapestry of Love” has been shortlisted in Wordweavers Contest 2023.She has also compiled the “Guiding Light Anthology” by Let’s Write Publication, in Jan 2024. She keeps contributing to National and International Poetry Anthologies and e-magazines from time to time. Some of her work can be found on StoryMirror and Indian Periodical. She feels that Poetry truly inspires the best in her.

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