Seeking higher realms: Alternative therapies for healing and harmony in tough times

(Setu catches up with the New Delhi-based eminent healer and practitioner of alternative therapies of mind and soul in tough times, Niti Chadha, otherwise known as an event manager and running her own company by the name of GC INDIA. Affable, grounded, vibrant, Niti exudes positive aura and transmits healing energies for the believers eager to try out other ways of recovery and gaining back lost harmonies.

Below, some important excerpts of a long email conversation with the ever-cheerful Niti):

Brief bio: Niti Chadha in her own words:

A Master Trainer to Higher Realm Therapy. 

To start with myself, 10 years back due to challenging situations my journey started as a healer. I focused on my transformation instead of sitting and weighing myself down. I worked a lot on myself, learned various modalities and practiced different techniques to create results in my own life. Once I started seeing transformations in my life, I decided to go on further to start helping people around who were stuck in their lives too. So, with 8 years of experience and knowledge in various modalities like Theta Healing, Intuitive Healings, Tarot Card Readings, Colour Therapist, NLP practitioner, Breakthrough Coaching, Switch-words Guide and Past Life Regression Therapist. I started healing people with chronic health issues. Made changes in business for people. Worked with abundance issues for many. Worked on belief system to release unwanted fears and anxiety issues with amazing transformations. Over the years have been involved in healing sessions and also mentoring various programs. These programmes are curated very carefully to touch the base issues of everybody's lives and have helped many. My purpose in life is to effortlessly touch the lives of millions and lend them a healing hand. I have a motto of life to make transformational changes for people stuck and suffering in life with love and compassion. 

Setu (S): Please share with us your recent journey as a Master Trainer.

Niti (N): Through my experience as a master trainer, I've learned to navigate life's challenges with resilience. As a healer, I've come to understand that challenges continue to arise, but we learn how to confront them. This journey instils in us a sense of grounding, humility, and acceptance. We develop empathy for those who have caused us pain, recognizing the inner struggles they face, which helps us detach from our own suffering.

S: Higher Realm Therapy. The context and the reason for seeking higher realms in troubled times, when every certainty seems a remote fiction. Please comment.

N: Throughout our lives, we often try to control everything, leading to anxiety, panic attacks, and fear. Have we ever realized that Parmatma (our creator) has given us the opportunity to be here, and if we don't forget, he is the ruler of the Higher realm? Instead of taking things into our own control, let's entrust the troubled times to the Higher realm's care.

S: Mental health, wellness, and being, mindfulness—terms being bandied around a lot on social media, especially after the grim reality of ongoing Covid as a global pestilence. How do you explain their values to a post-industrial civilization in a dark phase?

N: Often, we go through our daily routines without being mindful, resulting in living life like machines—totally emotionless. This leads to depression and anxiety. Mindfulness, however, is a simple daily process that we need to absorb into our systems. For instance, taking a simple walk, in a nearby garden, observing the colours of the flowers, or feeling the wind on our faces during the walk, or even savouring the taste of our favourite food while eating. Incorporating mindfulness into daily life can make living effortless.

S: Can we really make a difference in the quality of our existence in a stressful age by adopting these techniques of living more meaningfully?

N: Absolutely. Nowadays, we often seek meaning in the external world, becoming unhappy when things don't meet expectations. However, true meaningfulness lies in embarking on an inward journey of transformation and witnessing a change in our existence.

S: What are the finer distinctions among the therapies being offered as graded modalities of inner and outer transformations for their sincere seekers? The differences, if any, or overlapping areas of Theta, Intuitive Healing, Colour therapy, and past life regression?

N: To be honest, all modalities dealing with the subconscious brain are almost the same. They vary only in the terminology used. For subconscious level healings, one may explore THETA, REIKI, PRANIC HEALING, NLP, OR PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY. For conscious level therapies, options like LANDMARK FORUM or programs like BREAKTHROUGH COACHING, LIFE COACHING exist. These are just a few examples tailored to life's challenges. The choice of approaching a healer or a coach depends on the specific block or challenge according to personal preferences and cultural context 

S: How valid is past life regression for an era of deep anxiety? How relevant and productive as a technique of recovery and reintegration?

N: Past Life Regression (PLR) is about revealing the soul journey and breaking recurring patterns one lives with, often without understanding how to handle them. Once we identify the root cause of these patterns, we can delve deep into the subconscious to break them.

S: Tarot readings are on the rise. How correct is this mode of divination?

N: Tarot readings reflect our own energies. The cards are wise, and readings generally align with our emotions, feelings, and thought processes. As a healer, I advise approaching Tarot readings with a calm and accepting mindset, as the cards essentially read our energy.

S: What role do self-belief and faith play in these realms of higher awareness? Is it auto-suggestion at play here or is it a Master-led recovery program?

N: We carry numerous belief patterns in our subconscious mind, stemming from various levels such as the soul, society, ancestry, and the earth. Breaking these patterns often requires guidance from a master. As healers, we lack the ability to break these belief patterns for ourselves also unless the soul is exceptionally evolved.

S: Can spirituality be a counter to a state of undeserved suffering? How can one evolve as a spiritual being in a highly commercial culture where everything is on sale, including yoga and self-awareness programs for the needy?

N: Spirituality can indeed counter undeserved suffering. However, one must be discerning in choosing a guru or mentor amidst the commercialization prevalent today. A genuine mentor won't push for remedies but instead provide readings without personal motives. Spirituality entails an inward journey, and once embarked upon, it aligns everything, releasing undeserved suffering.

S: The importance of love and compassion in self-development and healing?

N: Love often sought externally can lead to depression when unattained. True self-development begins with self-love, fostering gratitude towards ourselves and our guiding souls. Embracing this process makes life effortlessly beautiful and comfortable.

S: Tells us your life as an event manager. The seamless transitions as a professional manager and a respected healer?

N: My life is an open book; I pursue my passion. Healing is my soul's purpose, a journey I'll continue until my last breath. Alongside, I enjoy organizing even the simplest functions with meticulous detail. Whether as a healer or an organizer, it's all about operating with compassion.

S: Your favourite colour/s and why? And quote/s?

N: Pastel shades are my favourite as they symbolize calmness. Wearing them enhances my inner being and brings a glow to my soul.

S: How can pain be eradicated from human life? What strategies need to be adopted?

N: Pain can't be eradicated but understood. It's deeply rooted in our neural pathways. To live a pain-free life, we must work on our block patterns to manage it effectively.

S: Role of Will power? Can destiny be altered by humans?

N: Human beings shape their destiny; we have the power to heal anything in life. By cultivating a positive mindset and harnessing our willpower through belief and manifestation, we can alter our destinies.

S: Thanks for your quality time.

N: I highly appreciate for giving me this beautiful opportunity on expressing my thoughts on spirituality.


  1. What an eye-opening discussion. Death is not the greatest loss in life. Loss is when life dies inside you whilst you are still alive. Celebrate life with positivity and fullness.

  2. Hii niti..your article was an eye opener to soo many realms. It was wonderfully inspiring to read about your journey. You are a dependable guardian.

  3. Very well conducted interview, and answers of an experienced healer, it throws light on avenues that can achieve mental and social harmony. Hurried mankind needs to halt and introspect, trim and tone towards healing.


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