Summer 2024: Meghna Kaul

Meghna Kaul
Meghna is a teacher by profession , loves to read and write. She composes poems and writes short stories. She loves to write on nature and celebrates simplicity of life.  She has written reports and articles for TOI. She is currently residing in Lucknow.

The Brick lady

Under the glare of piercing sun
rustling hot winds washed her visage
crushing the dry leaves beneath her feet
the brick carrying lady sat under a mango tree

The salty sweat soaked her skin
her body ached with the labour of the day
the twisted leaves of the mango tree waved with the winds
the cool caress intoxicated her into a balmy sleep

Soon she was walking past her village alleys 
into the fields of golden blaze
the flowering mustard stood smiling to the glaring sun
their smell engulfed her senses

The humid the heat overpowered her feet
and led them to a grassy field
where the boys boisterously bathed from the flowing water of the tube well
the droplets soaked her cheeks

the churning in her stomach led her to an orchard
where the village maiden gurgled with laughter 
in their mad pursuit of drooping mangoes
Oh! how she sucked the sweetness to her soul’s fill.
a sense of soft and sweet brought her back from his childhood ease

Her makeshift shack boiled with the heat of hearth
the lady preened at the summer moon
that glowed her boys’ sweaty face
his chest heaved in the calm of sleep

She tossed and turned in the long and lonely nights
her beau had sailed to the foreign shore
his memories smitten her with blush
her summers slowly sailed without love.

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