Girl to the Society - Poetry by Farah Siddiqui Matin


A poor man works twelve hours a day,
Hopeless, but as altruistic as he may ;
Goes everyday and digs a farm,
Routine was tough but works with charm.
Two daughters and a wife are in the cottage
Who are  hungry due to the food shortage.
Man comes, as all are waiting eagerly,
Takes out some nuts and gives them sincerely.
Wife become happy but daughters are upset,
They like them much but are hungry yet.
“I will bring more but tomorrow,
As outside is dark and path is narrow.
My dear go and take peaceful sleep,
Tomorrow a lot of nut  I’ll keep”
Whole night he wonders and can’t sleep,
The condition of life makes him bitterly weep.
Being helpless, he goes to the landlord,
Asks for some money but is simply shocked.
The landlord is ill with cough and cold
And asks for the land that the man holds.
“Hearing this awful news his family is sore,
As his little daughters are waiting for more”.
No need to come tomorrow, the owner says,
The colour of man’s  face suddenly fades.
With tears and woes he departs from there,
So much grief with whom to share?
He doesn’t have guts to face his family,
Whom  he  promised to make happy.
He goes away without looking any side,
Jumps into the river and commits suicide.
Hearing the news, the family weeps and runs,
Daughters want to live but wife life shuns.
No Mother!  We want to live, the daughters said
Life is God’s grace don’t be upset
My father struggled a lot, now he is in Heaven
Our life will shine and this will soon happen.
But the mother was upset with miseries and sorrows
Thought what will happen to her daughters tomorrow.
She takes the daughters near the river side
Pushed both of them in and committed suicide
This is the life my dear, the Landlord said
Everyone comes and go, according to the fate
Go my son and seal the cottage
Land is valuable, a week before I noted,
They were frail and destitute, let them go
Now here I will stand my new bungalow.
This I have done only for my family
Whom I promised to live happily
This is the promise both poor and rich makes
But poor loses on the way and rich gets success…


I feel considerably great in my hours of solitude
I feel truly alive in my bliss of solitude,
I cherish every moment, as if I am ready,
To hold you in my arms with love and tranquility
The intact memories beautifully gush in my mind
Which frontiers and boundaries fail to confine.
Your love excites and pleases me to an extent-
And it omits all my worries with an assent
Your thoughts titillate me to gleam in my loneliness
Your love grooms me to survive with a honeyed essence
I am in the bliss and whole universe seems to be in my arms
As if you are in my destiny and I adore you with Charm
This is my love in these hours of solitude
That will bloom every time beautifully …


Who says that women are ugly?
Who says white skin matters roughly?
Who says prettiness is essential?
Who says women without charm are trivial?
They must know, with time beauty will decay
And the innate grace will always stay.
Innate grace that is the supreme beauty -
Beauty, that initiates your Destiny;
Beauty, that preserves you when sore;
Beauty, that guides you and loves you more;
Beauty, that admires your success;
Beauty, that strives with the World;
Beauty, that saves you;
Beauty, that nurture you;
Beauty, that bears your name;
Beauty, that makes you complete.
If such is the greatness of beauty,
Then how can a woman be ugly?


Why the life is unpleasant and resilient?
Why it’s not eternal but transient?
Why are we unfit to fill it with merriment?
Why do we struggle to make life contentment?
I tried to learn the answers the best way I could.
But I failed due to its riddles I never understood.
Why don’t we treat life as a natural bliss?
Why do our hopes appear to be diminish?
Why is the life such a blur and obfuscate?
Why do problem after problem proliferate?
These are the problems that we are unable to decipher.
I tried to ruminate on but again the answer is cipher.
Why are we always greedy and desirous?
Why are we mere savages and envious?
Why are we making life revile and despoil?
Why can’t we make our life ideal and royal?
These questions are rigid and polemic
Again the answer is pensive not comic.
I have an answer to all these questions
By which we can demote our contentions.
If a person lives his life to an extent
So as to leave his distresses distant,
Then he can easily become a true soul.
Then he can easily achieve his goal.
Death in life is an ultimate end.
Then why are mortals impossible to mend.
Despite innumerable things, they didn’t placate.
Sin after sin they do and didn’t mitigate.
The ultimate answer is that they are too unwell to cure.
They’ll continue to do such deeds, and will never endure.
This we can say is the so-called Human Nature
Despite being in God’s eyes he is the finest Creature.