Poetry by Hema Ravi

Hema Ravi


Flame colored birds in picture postcards
came to life in colonies in the Flamingo yards.
one leg tucked, the other stilt like leg in the water
walking, at times running steady, no totter.
the S shaped head held high
the pink-crimson plumage- Oh my!

Their screams pierce the silence
Yet, welcomed without defiance
iridescent coloration and large train
I’d love to see them dance in the rain.
Hovering around in parties
the peahens woo the ‘Smarties.’

The beautiful peafowls strut fearlessly
in the tropical and subtropical diversity
The Golden Eagle, the Hawk and owls in aviary
the panther and bear in the sanctuary
As the tram moves on unhurriedly

mask peels off, Man lets go humbly…

The not-to miss number in the midst of
fairy tale homes with their green patches
Every evening I pass them
on my way to the park- Connoisseur’s’ delight!
The Divine Painter himself would halt
to gaze at this piece of art
riot of colors, the artist’s palette-
assortment of fragrant, flowers smiling away
Field Day for the enticed swarm!
More genial and gentle is the Master
even as he is mowing the lawn remarks
“You may come closer, take a look
take as many pictures as you like
it’s for everyone to enjoy.”
Back into time with thoughts of Vishnuchitthar*
who wove garlands and sang hymns
in praise of the Lord…..
Trudging home after the rather long walk espy
the ‘gardener’ with water sprinkler
his face as fresh as the blossoms!

(*Vishnu Chittar aka Periyazhwar dedicated his entire life in the service of God.)