Poetry by Irsa Ruçi

Irsa Ruçi      (Translated by Stela Xega)

Blessed in sin

After that birch fence
where now a magpies group are holding conversations
had stepped for the first time
the Devil's Foot,
while it escaped in search of hope
in exchange for a poisoned life ...

Since that day, but only lord preserves the land
with his humble shepherds
in wisdom
knowledge is gathered  little by little, silently
with a mom simplicity
as she pampers her baby's forehead ...

In that forest of sins
today it grows snakes, they age, and are inherited,
but every generation that goes keeps awake the legend
of infertility ...

After that fence of sin
we listen our conscience
to prove that the taste of sin
devilishly was born with human beings!

A crossroad without a denial

If today was tomorrow
that we never had a day before
and we madly ran
to steal ourselves a sense
through the roads where we could go somewhere
it means to be a traveller with no return!

We were a little farther than the momentary forgetfulness
us, strangers of the fate
betrayed by desires, troubled
in excrement of opinions;
The man itself was born to be a stranger to himself
when his conscience pledge
to the weak instincts
that slowly break down until into the nameless.

If today was tomorrow that would never have a day
we will add a more throb to the heart
to live a little longer between dreams...

But mindless minds are buried in forgetfulness!

The Whisper that hurts!

Do you hear
as it booms in the conscience
word yet untold
for nuggets of truth
that now since forever hurt this country...?
Truths that break mirrors
from the rejection of the self
bowed in silence
on the billows of  a troubled soul
undefeated triumphant of freedom
longing with worries!

Do you understand
how we are swallowing the poison
of our time
in indifference
without showing rebellion for what went
without projecting what will come
without being sufficiently strong
to leave this collective misery!

I can not deny
How my emotions are agitated
into ideal
and poetry needs me
needs me to save this earth
that is being poisoned with words and tears!

I created these strings from my spirit
And I left them wandering through the world!