Impact of Numerology on Creative Writing

By Rajni Chhabra

Numerology is a predictive science based on study of Divine Numbers 1 to 9 and their corresponding influence on an individual's life. It is flourishing day by day on global level. Irrespective of language, religion and geographical boundaries, it is gaining wide recognition. Numerology is the study of numbers and their determining influence on one’s life. Numbers are the prime causes, which create, reform, rejuvenate and reshape the trend of life. They start producing their impact on your life right from the moment of the birth and will continue to influence throughout the life. All the nine planets are assigned with numerical value from 1 to 9 and govern the whole universe. In Numerology, these Numbers are called Divine Numbers. All the beings of this Universe are categorized in number One To Nine, according to their Date Of Birth (DOB) and attain traits of the Planet under which they are categorized.

For example, an individual born on

  • 1,10,29,28 of any month is assigned Birth number and is associated with Planet Sun, whose Number is One.
  • 2,11,20,29 of any month is assigned birth number 2 and is associated with Moon, whose Number is Two
  • 3,12,21,30 of any month is assigned birth number 3 and is associated with Jupiter, whose Number is three.
  • 4,13,22,31 of any month is assigned birth number 4 is associated with Uranus, whose number is four.
  • 5,14,23 of any month is assigned birth number 5 and is associated with Mercury, whose number is five
  • 6,15,24 of any month is assigned birth number 6 and is associated with Venus, whose number is six
  • 7,16,25 of any month is assigned birth number 7 and is associated with Neptune, whose number is seven
  • 8,17,26 of any month is assigned birth number 8 and is associated with Saturn, whose number is eight
  • 9,18,27 of any month is assigned birth number 9 and is associated with Mars, whose number is nine

Hence, a person who is categorized under a particular Planetary number will develop qualities related to that planet and his life will be influenced by it.
Personal attainments are governed by Birth number and luck is governed by your luck number

For knowing your luck number, count sum total of your birth date, month and year. For example 2.7.1981 2+7+1981
 2+7+1+9+8+1= 28
1+0=1. Hence your birth no. is 2 and luck no. is 1

Birth Number of an individual decides his/her personality traits, physical , social and mental attributes, health, education, career, success on dint of personal efforts, personal property, marriage, matrimonial adjustments, raising family etc. What an individual attains in life through luck factor, is decided by his/her Luck Number. Prestige in social, domestic and business sphere, success or failure in profession, career aspect are governed by Luck as well.Knowledge of favourable and unfavourable Numbers renders us guidelines for utilizing positive numbers for betterment in life and avoiding negative Numbers so that path of life is paved smoother for us.

Our mental and social attributes, career orientation and chances of  success in various professions are all influenced by Divine Number 1 to 9. Numerology has a deep impact on our Creativity, whether it be literature, art or music. You might be curious to know how Numerology influences our Creative writing. I will share my views on basis of Numerology categorically that how persons with a particular number are more inclined and win laurels in a specific sphere of creative writing. I will also quote names of some reputed authors in each category.

Persons born on Number 1 or endowed with Luck Number 1 have intellectual ability, keener perception and independent thinking. Hence, they establish themselves well in field of analytical writing, content writing, editorials and study material for competitive examination.
Famous  writers :  Salman Rushdie,  Sh Malchand Tiwari

Persons born on Number 2 or bestowed with Luck Number 2 are blessed with boon of imagination, good expression, aesthetic and literary taste and love to learn foreign languages. They excel in fiction writing and poetry by spreading wings of their wider. They also prove good in field of translation and media pursuits.
Famous Writer:  D.H.Lawrence, Satayjit Ray

Persons having Birth Number 3 or those endowed with Luck Number 3 have a marked literary taste, inclination towards academic sphere and are gifted with good expression. As a writer, they prove  good in writing academic books, poetry , fiction writing  occult sciences, social issues, religion. motivational write ups and home management
Famous Writer:   Ernest Emingway

Persons having Birth Number 4 or those blessed with Luck Number 4 have innovative mind and nontraditional thinking. They have reasoning power, keen intellect  and calculative mind. Hence, as a writer they establish themselves better if they write for social reforms and social awakening,  detective stories, science fiction and art criticism.
Famous Writers:  Munshi Prem Chand,  Amrita Preetam,  Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens, Ravi Shanker,  Javed Akhtar, Dr Nand Kishore Acharya, Chetan Bhagat

Persons born on Number 5 or those endowed with Birth number 5 have highly calculative mind, independent decision making ability,  are good at management. They have fascination for music, travels and love to travel to far off lands. They can prove their creative skills better if they write for banking, accountancy, management, travelogues or can be good as analytical writer, sports correspondent , academic writers and lyricists.
Famous Writer: Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedker

Persons born on Number 6 and those blessed with Luck Number 6 have a magnetic charm in their personality. They have marked aesthetic and literary taste, inclination towards fashion and glamour related pursuits. They can be good in academic books writing and in entertainment sector as film script writers, art critics, fiction writers on social and romantic issues, home management and interior decoration.
Famous Writer:  Rabinder Nath Tagore, A.P.J. Kalam

Persons having Birth Number 7 and those endowed with Luck Number 7 have all rounder sort of personality, deep aesthetic sense and literary taste. They observe more and speak out their heart less. They are insightful, intelligent and have a mystic aura around them. Far off lands fascinate them a lot They  establish themselves better in field of poetry writing, composing lyrics, writing books on mysticism,  psychological issues and travelogues.
Famous Writer :   Jane Austin

Persons having Birth Number 8 and those bestowed with Luck number 8 are more spiritually inclined. They have keen interest in study of philosophy, religion and occultism. They can be good as Art Historians,  writers of books pertaining to  spiritualism and occult sciences,  yoga and meditation.
Famous Writers :  T. S.Eliot,  George Bernard Shaw, Mirza Ghalib,  Mahadevi Varma, Sahir Ludhyanvi

Persons born on Number 9 and those endowed with Luck Number 9 have independent thinking and decision making ability. They are more spiritually inclined. They can excel in sphere of writing religious books, occult sciences, art criticism, social awakening, books on law and geography.
Famous Writers:  John Milton,  Leo Tolstoy, Gulzar