Poetry by Rania Angelakoudi

Rania Angelakoudi
Orphic rite

Eternal symbol of beauty,
mythical form of Orpheus.
Divine spirit of Nature’s force!
Maenad, enveloped in lascivious dances
and occult arts that entrance the mortals!

I witnessed your art
I heard your melody,
I tried my hand again and again
before becoming privy to your secrets.

But your music faded away!
And I lost the melody
and I lost my way!

I asked Tantalus to give me water
to quench my thirst
while Sisyphus stopped dragging his rock
to help me get some rest.

Pluto and Eurydice
were moved by my woes!
They showed me the way
out of the underworld…
I wonder what the point was.

There is but such a short distance between
the two worlds.
The quest for your form is ever present!
I look for your voice amidst the buzz of sounds.

Paradise trail

My spirit soared high and tried
a place in paradise to find,
where waters crystal-clear spring
and muses meet their nests to weave!

I followed Ulysses’ trail,
and met sirens plenty along the way!
They wanted me to leave
my paradise dream
the fate of the Clashing Rocks to meet!

The white doves my friends became
and to the stars they led me straight!
The Gods agreed and they decreed
this Land to bless and all within!

That which mortal hands should touch
will be embraced by Olympians doves!

And when the torch of intellect lights up
then will this Land a paradise become!

Olive branches will blossom all around
everyone a child of the earth,
colours and hues the world will crown
brushstrokes applied by brotherly hands.

Hands will clasp each other tight
bodies in embrace will unite,
all will fight for life
and will live in paradise!

Winning life

When life shows its ugly face,
and you feel scorned and used,
when it winds you with its blows
and tries to wipe the smile of your face,
this is when you have to fight back
manifesting the power of your will!

When life leads you at a cross-roads,
forcing you to solve riddles,
making you feel small,
this is when you diminish it
by exerting the power of your mind!

When life sends clouds to swarm over you
and drenches you in chill
this is when you need to hold on tight to the sun
and let your soul roam free to exotic places,
vindicating the power of your body!

When all this you finally manage to achieve
then will you earn your place in life
and like two lovers walk ahead
taking all hardships in your stride.