Poetry by Sankari Prasad Sarkar

Sankari Prasad Sarkar

As I Enter

       As I enter
       through the eyes of a painter,
       I wander in vain the valley  
       or unknown alley
       where she descends
       and the message she sends
       on the subject, nature, forms, faces
       and eyes through which she traces
       deep down in her mind
       that hopefully bind
       visitors trying to discover
       a canvas has to offer.
       I was eagerly waiting for
       a brush with the top brass
       when I developed a cold feet
       and met with grass under my feet.

      With Nature As I Am

      I feel happy to walk on the meadow
      and sit aglow in the reflecting shadow.
      Wish you not to rush on the lush green grass
      but sit or lie down on the nature’s canvas.

    Chances are you may hear
    in your heart a ring.
    You never know when you start singing
    a song of love held dear      
    with your heart following.

    As you sing, you soar on the wings of love.
    and feel as if you are in heaven above.

    Sometimes I 

    Sometimes I fail to understand
    where I stand.
    Earth, they say, is round.
    Starting as earth-bound
    I can come back around.
    The idea appears sound
    but the fact of the matter rests in ‘do I’.
    The world troops in groups asking uneasy why.
     Sometimes I feel down under the pretext
    of having no context.
    Still I intercept the confusing text
    and set sail for what next.
    Sometimes I feel the world is one whole.
    It is not a rat hole
    where we may seek refuge
    with individualism and deluge.
    It is my wholehearted view
    to live with you, you and all of you.

     Sometimes I wonder
    if I am making a blunder
    in seeking the whole
    as my goal
    or interested in the convergence
    of distracting distasteful divergence.

    At the end of the day
    I would bare my heart
    not to drift apart.
     Allow me to say
    and share my dream
    of having a world without seam
    where ‘a united human family worldwide’
    will live ‘with unlimited love on our side’.