Three poems by Iulia Gherghei

Iulia Gherghei

Blue Ode

The mighty Blue Pine tree reigns over a town
knelt down by cement
Rivers of asphalt cross under his branches
mapping the way to a slow, coiling death
I walked on that side walk for years
Never noticed him
Blinded by my greed
Confused by the cars mirrors
Suffocated by pollution
Intoxicated by my own reflection in the windows
Never took the time to break the opaque citadel that was growing around me
The only song that was played in my years was
'I need, I want, I ought to have'
And repeat, and repeat
Never enough, not a moment to breathe ever
But today I stopped
Here it was: Majestic and blue
Owning the city for itself
Exhaling oxygen just for me

Little white burdens

It is snowing over the city
Each snowflake melting a sin
floating in silence
Cleaning the air, cleansing the souls

The grey sky, heavy with white little burdens
Is sending us his angels
To permeate our armours
so we experience flight
Who knows who will taste the heavens


A touch of undefined

My walls hide more walls
Clusters of walls hiding more walls
Imprisoning the infinity
Small or big
The mighty infinite contains all the possibilities
Layers of walls upon walls
Veils over curtains
Curtains over the undefined
Craving for a wall to catch shape
My walls, your walls
Infinity sliding on them
That wormhole who separates
my heart beat from yours