Poetry: Purabi Bhattacharya

Purabi Bhattacharya
Another winter

When I sit down to bunch up
the flock of words and letters, whipping up
our nearly over story
I know
you and I
Every night the meadows of
moistened memories, filled with breezy little wild lantanas;
clinquant with colourful, ugly, beautiful, fistful of dragonflies
the remains
of our romance
in each of our pillows
wilt like the chrysanthemums,
fragrant, coltish
waylay for another winter.

Left and right

A hilltown migrant fed with dreams, plentiful
bowlful doable , cinnamon class gives in
the need of the hour:  become one. Under obligation,
the remain blossomed. One day at a time.
Dahlia, orchids, radiant springtime florets, every
odd, even plant waved each day
until one afternoon, with all of it the city in mist
stayed behind, almost swiped out
from the floor of the earth.

orphan squall..

Keep left, keep right
Keep head bowed, keep it low.
March out left and right, left and right.

Smile, uncovered

Slow, slower mundane days
sigh stale
the ever constant smell of a half- smoked cigarette
left burning the sides of an ashtray
my inside, carbonize.

I would have listened to your song
close to confessing
the crime of letting me out
I wobbled warm in.

You offered me meat, blood,
wastes, war and ashes
and I stayed covered, smiling
at all that

I smile
now too, mother
I smile when I am alone
I smile when I am hated.

I smile when my verses in someone’s lips,
becomes organic.
I smile when my fourteen generation gets cussed
for I know I am loved by all of them
at the end of it all, I am their
prayer flower.

Purabi Bhattacharya is a writer from Shillong, India. Currently based in Gujarat, she teaches English literature, has debuted with a collection of poems Call me published by Writers Workshop, India which finds a mention in The Journal of Commonwealth Literature. She is on the panel of Muse India Book Review. Her poems have appeared mostly in print journals like Quest, it’s other journals, anthologies published in India apart from contributing to some internet poetry portals, her works may be read in Tuck Magazine, Ink, Sweat and tears, Sparkthemagazine, Muse India, Scaling Heights( 2015), passion4poetry Anthology.