Two Poems of Padmaja Iyengar 'Paddy'

Padmaja Iyengar 'Paddy'

Finite and Infinite

Presently …

I am that lone bird
On an endless flight

I am that descending kite
From an unknown height

I am that fading light
Of a dark scary night

I am untouched by
The calm, azure sky

My being doesn’t care,
Is untouched by the air

I don’t belong to this earth
That doesn’t see my worth

I am not singed by any fire
Nor do I burn with any desire

Water gushes towards me
But then, I am not thirsty

I am that free ranger lone
On a journey, all my own

But some day …

The lone bird on endless flight, will tire out
Descending kite too will fall without a doubt
Fading light will soon fade away
For the five elements to have their way

With my feet on earth
I will be burnt by fire
Cooled by water
And turned to ashes
To be carried by air
Up into the azure space.

Where Art Thou???

Always, I am the seekerYou,
The Sought, forever
Wielding immense power

I am the restless crusader
You, my hide-n-seek partner
And the consummate evader

With a chattering brain
Trying hard to be sane
Energy down the drain

Always playing so hard to get
As if you owe me some debt
Leaving not the slightest inlet

My vision droopy and dim
Chances of finding you slim
You behave as if you’re Him

Grant me the boon now
To find you somehow …
Sleep, where Art Thou???