Five Poems - Brian R Walker

Brian Walker

1) Silence

Silence runs through my veins
giving me the energy to work
within this Requiem Mass I live in.
Tranquillity is like a wondrous concerto
as sound disrupts my whole being – And
then the world seems to be caving in on me -

Silence such a humble ensemble still,
I need this to get me through the light when
night comes, then darkness overpowers the day…

Silence is so idyllic for me, where words -
flutter around in the air as if on angels wings
music is something that drowns me, I’m dead!

Silence silence I crave for it every day
throw away that sound of music
let me live in solitary confinement -

2) Phoenix

I have nothing to declare today
but my agony -
this thing is sweeping through my whole
like a tornado whipping up everything in its path
pouring out its grief like left overs from a banquet

Today I have nothing to speak about
only my screams communicate with me,
the outside world is like a numbness -
it pulls me through backwards…
then spits me out again.

I have no pain, for pain is purely for the living.

Love has forsaken me today
abandoned me, left me for dead
my heart bears this heavy burden that…
needs to ignite -

Only then
will I succumb to new life and be reborn
like the Phoenix…

3) Flowers Of Life 

  My life is like a bowl of flowers
  many colors when you're with me
  lifting my life -
  with a sweet smelling fragrance.

  I water you each day
  to keep you fresh and sweet smelling,
  throw the sunlight on your face
  to keep you smiling...

  Sadly the flowers
  don't last forever,
  they have a lifetime span...then perish.

  Petals start to fall
  and the blooms turn yellow and brown with age
  nothing can regenerate this timeless process -

  But over this time love can become strong
  like two red roses it can cherish...and
  grow better year after year, until the final day -
  When both need re-planting!

4) Day Of Forgiveness 

 The sun bleeds today with a million sins
for those who turned on the prophet lord
come let the golden horn of Abraham blow
while the fragrant moon casts rose petals at his feet

The mantle of the world shines upon the golden moon
while shadows are passing from light to shade
echo’s are shattering what evil is coming soon.
As Angels play in the pastures within the glade…

Let your eyes bow in surrender upon this scene
lift your hearts, hear the voice of forgiveness
get rid of your sins on this day and be free
as God descends with all his angels you see…

5) Breath of The Lion...

Come listen to the wind
as it blows across the desert plains
it is the voice of Allah whispering
come take my hand and be baptized -

His breath is that of a lion
sweeping up the sand, making carpet hills.
His fingers are claws of iron
that no one can ever kill.

So turn the pages of the holy book
read your prayers each day he says
then you’ll never ever be mistook
standing alone in the archway…