One and One Make Eleven!

Anurag Sharma
Yes, this is the twelfth issue of Setu. It feels like yesterday, when Dr. Sunil Sharma and I first discussed Setu, as a cross-cultural bridge for the world literature. With your best wishes, love and support, we have traveled a long distance.

First exciting year is almost over and we have a few achievements to brag about. The number of literary and artistic contributors of Setu touched 300 mark with this issue. As of now, the number of published articles on Setu has touched a mark of 1,000. There were 139,501 hits in a period of past 11 months.

Our first Hindi poetry contest was well received. We honored four literary personalities for their contribution in Hindi and English literature. 
Setu has already announced entry into book publishing. Currently, we are working on a few great titles. If you are interested in getting a book published, please feel free to contact us. Your literary contributions for our first anniversary issue are welcomed too. Please write for Setu, we are waiting for you.

I express my heartfelt thanks to the advisers and the members of the Setu editorial board for their hard work and continuous support. We may not have met each other in person, but we are working together from faraway places. Your precious time for this voluntary work is highly appreciated. 

Finally, I would like to thank you readers for being with us and guiding us in right direction, you are the main reason of Setu’s existence. Please do us a favor by sending your feedback via email or the feedback form

Warm Regards,
Anurag Sharma
Setu, Pittsburgh, USA