Irish Writing: Hazel Durham

Empty Stillness

The cold, parched pavement is like a warning sent
To her thought process to run, run away
Back to nature's dreams and the sweet melody of the birds singing each day,
She tries to be happy in this noisy, busy city overlooking Dublin bay,

Her dreams are of tall trees reaching to the sun to have some fun,
Her wishes are mountains kissing the embracing skies above,
Her desires is to find a lover to unite and discover the secrets of love,
Her silence is a time for peace like the sign of a white dove,

Beauty is the wildness of nature's passion in every green field,
Wisdom is the wind sometimes strong, sometimes weak like a breeze but still has
Memories of rural nights snuggled up on her faded leather couch
Eating her favourite meal,

Grey concrete is a challenge too far as nature is her heart's seal,
She wants to run away from the confusion, illusion and intrusion,
Back to her heart's delight,
And the dreamy darkness of star filled nights,

The empty stillness of the countryside fitting in with the wild and untamed,
She catches the bus as she looks back at the city's lights
Away before her heart is maimed,
Before her spirit is tamed,

Run to the empty stillness of green fields, tall trees and lofty mountains,
Standing silently loud and so proud
She is far away from the madness of the crowd,

Back to the lull of a joyfulness of forgiving and the dream of living.

Hazel Durham

Hazel Durham was born in Artane in Dublin city in 1958. Her parents were a huge influence
throughout her life. They opened the door to nature and the beauty of Ireland to her and her brother Richard from a young age. With wonderful memories of caravan holidays all around
the country. Hazel left school at fourteen years of age and worked in riding stables and racing stables. She had found a great passion in her love for horses, also from an early age her love of books. She always wrote her thoughts down on paper as it was a release of her inner emotions. Hazel is a very proud and loving mother to her daughter Rebecca and grandmother to her granddaughter Caylin.

Hazel now lives in lovely Carlow in Graiguecullen. She started writing poems in 2010 her inspiration comes from her Partner, her family and the beautiful countryside all around.  
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