Poetry Moment

Jaydeep Sarangi

By Jaydeep Sarangi

The gusty wind swept away kids
playing, little tricks, all dreams.
Winter road  crowd with men and waiting
to catch the late night  train to another town.
                      Shadows prevail. Men move behind a border,
the keys they turn
create  a door. It rains
with dazzling  minds and blazing flashes in the sky.

The traffic river has a flow
creating whispers from the leaves green
of small mango trees behind  my house here
before the walls hiding houses. Doors deep.

I feel a sense of edge, craft my wings
of being part and yet apart.
There are ever grounds to cover
in every season, month by month

  My life is winter road. She left me alone.
                      Storm clouds pile, cloud on cloud
                     sometime clouds rain, some die with the thunder.

I keep my spirit within my Sunday clothes,
                     a certain poetry of moments. Love beyond love.